Thursday, May 29, 2008


I know I haven't updated this in a while, as I've been busy. And then I came across this video and I promise to post more so that I can reverse the damage this guy has done.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More updates for the May shows!

I have some quick hits and then a few video links today. Next week I may not make a post because Destiny won't have school, but we'll see I guess. Some matches have been added to the "Cafe Culture" and "Grit and Glory" cards, as well as the New England Aniversario cards. Today I'll just be talking about the additions to the shows on the 17th and 18th.

Cafe Culture -- May 17, 2008 -- Hellertown, PA

Rey de Voladores Match #1 -- Helios vs. Lince Dorado vs. PSYCHO vs. TJ Cannon
I don't know much about the additions to this match. PSYCHO comes to us from TAKA Michinoku's K-Dojo in Japan, so he should be a good participant in the match. TJ Cannon wrestles primarily in PWU. All I know is that their promotion has matches using ropes to swing on and trampolines to vault off of, so I don't have much to say just based on that.

Rey de Voladores Match #2 -- Stupefied vs. Incognito vs. Turboman vs. ?
I don't know too much about Turboman, either. He's from Dragon Gate. One of the videos at the end of this post features what may be one of the funniest moonsaults in wrestling history. We better be careful in Hellertown.

Claudio Castagnoli vs Jorge Rivera
Well that's a pleasant surprise! It's such a treat to get to see Claudio this up-close-and-personal in Chikara while he's doing so well in other feds like ROH and PWG. Skayde had a fantastic weekend at King of Trios and will hopefully still be on top of his game for Rey de Voladores weekend. This could be the match of the weekend.

Hallowicked vs. Amasis
We'll get a small preview of the tag title match that will take place on Sunday. I think that this will be Hallowicked's first singles match since Chapter 11, and the second straight show with a singles match from Amasis. I'm extremely excited to see where the Portal can go this year. Ophidian and Delirious don't have matches on Saturday, so maybe they will have a match to round out the rest of the card.

Grit and Glory -- May 18, 2008 -- Philadelphia, PA

Claudio, El Pantera & ? vs. Mike Quackenbush, Jorge Rivera & ?
This match gained two participants that squared off for a few minutes at King of Trios in El Pantera and Jorge Rivera. For the second straight night, Jorge and Claudio will be in opposite corners. We may see Lince Dorado and Shane Storm fill out the rest of the teams, but I'm hoping that we get some new partners to create some new match-ups this year.

Here are some YouTube videos to finish off today's post.

1. I don't care if I posted this before, I want to be famous still. Go to 2:47 to watch an interview with me!

2. Destiny has been afraid of snakes for as long as I've known her. To say that she's not a huge fan of Ophidian is an understatement. And then this happened. Yes, she was crying.

3. I posted earlier that Turboman did one of the funniest moonsaults in wrestling history. And like I said, we better be careful in Hellertown.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Upcoming Shows

I unfortunately don't have much to talk about this week. There are shows coming up in about 2 1/2 weeks so I'll probably talk more about them later. But here's a quick recap of what's already been announced for the May shows:

Cafe Culture -- May 17, 2008 -- Hellertown, PA

Rey de Voladores Match #1 -- Helios vs. Lince Dorado vs. ? vs. ?
Something has to give in this match, and only 2 of the 4 wrestlers have been announced. Can Helios show that he deserves to be the YLC champion, or will Lince manage to keep momentum on his side?

Rey de Voladores Match #2 -- Stupefied vs. Incognito vs. ? vs. ?
Incognito will definitely be the largest man in this mini-tournament. And I believe that this will be Stupefied's first "singles" match in Chikara.

Mike Quackenbush & Shane Storm vs. Gran Akuma & Chuck Taylor
An interesting match-up that will hopefully produce at least one good feud for the year -- Chuck vs. Quackenbush perhaps?

El Pantera & The Colony vs. The Order
For the first time, we will see the new 4-man version of The Order teaming together: UltraMantis, Crossbones, Hydra, and Tim Donst. We'll have to see how The Colony has recouperated from the beating at the hands of Bull Pain.

Pelle Primeau vs. Icarus
What a random little match. Maybe Pelle can pull off an upset and use some momentum for Sunday's show -- he'll need it.

Mitch Ryder & Shane Storm vs. Create-A-Wrestler & Player Uno
Mitch Ryder against masked hoochadores! You can't ask for much better than that. Hopefully we'll get another good showing by CAW at this show as well.

Grit and Glory -- May 18, 2008 -- Philadelphia, PA

Rey de Voladores Final
We'll have to see who the other four competitors are to predict anything for this match.

Incoherence (c) vs. Osirian Portal, for Los Campeonatos de Parejas
I wonder if this will main event the whole weekend! The Portal has grown so much since their tag team debut last September. I don't believe, though, that they're ready to take the tag titles from Hallowicked and Delirious quite yet, though.

Claudio's Trio vs. Quackenbush's Trio
Well this may be another random little match, but it should be a good one. If a story doesn't develop out of Quackenbush's match on Saturday, maybe this one will do it. Unless Chuck and Brodie do double duty, these teams aren't easy to predict.

Sara del Ray & Bobby Dempsey vs. Chuck Taylor & Daizee Haze
This should be fun. We should get some decent to great wrestling out of everybody in this match.

Pelle Primeau vs. Brodie Lee
Oh man Pelle is so dead.

Next week I'll comment on the Aniversario shows, as well as any additions to the Rey de Voladores shows. Until then, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thoughts on "Deuces Wild" and "Passion and Persistence"

Deuces Wild -- Hellertown, PA -- April 19, 2008

Before the show, Worker Ant came out to the merchandise table and told people to buy Equinox masks he was selling. Forum member Rooks bought one and cheered for Vin when he came out for his match.

Osirian Portal d. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant -- The Colony just can't get a 2 vs. 2 tag win, can they? This was a solid opener for the weekend, that ended with stupid Vin Gerard holding Soldier Ant out of the ring when Fire Ant was in the Super Cobra Clutch by Ophidian. Oh, pre-match, Ophidian got RIGHT in Destiny's face. Wait until you hear the shrieking on the DVD. I watched the cameraman. He was filming somewhere else in the room, and as soon as she started yelling, he turned right towards Destiny. I tried to protect her, I promise. The most important news coming out of this match is that The Portal now has three points for a tag title match (other wins: 11/17, 12/9). I imagine a tag title match headlining the first night of Rey de Voladores weekend.

Robbie Ellis d. Ice Cream, Jr. -- Destiny may have screamed even louder when Robbie swiveled his hips right in front of her. The match was surprisingly good for a comedy match. Robbie ate a powerbomb but managed to kick out. On the next powerbomb attempt, Robbie turned it into a hurricanranna for two. He won the match after a Sliced Bread #1. Also of note: there were some random other guys filming the show. They left after this match -- more on that to follow.

Vin Gerard & Worker Ant went to a No-Contest -- I liked their match at "Two Eyebrows..." and I was actually looking forward to seeing how their feud would further develop. Instead, Vin came out and said that he had already beaten Worker Ant in January and would only prove himself by fighting all three members of the Colony at once. Fire & Soldier Ant came out for a three-on-one match, but before the bell could ring, Bull Pain came out of nowhere to start beating on the Ants. Bull took them out with his baseball bat (named Brother Pain) and then screamed "ASS" as he left. Well, there were more words involved, but this is family-friendly and we take that very seriously 'round these parts. Worker Ant's knee got beat on pretty badly and will apparently be on crutches for a while. Go read Vin's blog at and check out the seeds of Bull Pain's debut being planted before he ever showed up.

Chuck Taylor & Icarus d. Player Uno & Create-A-Wrestler -- Finally, a nice match from CAW! He didn't really botch his dropkick move tonight, either! CAW actually took a pretty good beating and lost on a double stomp/DVD combo. It's good for him to get into tag matches with established guys. When Player Uno was paused early in the match, CAW unpaused him and managed to fool Smooth Chucky T.

Helios (c) d. Lince Dorado to retain the CHIKARA Young Lions Cup -- Lince took some brutal bumps. 1) He went for a springboard moonsault but missed the middle rope. He tried to do it from the bottom rope, but because he semi-slipped/didn't get enough height, he landed on the top of his head. 2) Helios did a springboard double-knee attack that flattened Lince, but I didn't think it looked as bad as others did. 3) The end of the match saw Lince with Helios in a tombstone position, but Helios turned it into a spike prawn hold pin (thanks Lyle C. Williams for the pic). Lince landed on top of his head AGAIN; I don't think he got a full rotation. And the match ended there, and it felt awkward as Lince kinda kicked out at 3.25. This was a good match, but I feel that they could have done better. Also, Helios has to stop trying to get us to clap so often.


Gran Akuma d. Jimmy Olsen -- You know how Jimmy got KO'ed by Ricky Reyes in March? Well, Jimmy went for a german suplex with a bridge, but he collapsed on his own after the move, held his ear, and kept saying, "crap, crap crap." Then he started to hold his upper cheekbone. Akuma got the pin soon thereafter. Also Akuma attempted a springboard...something...and slipped on the top rope. I keep getting worried about Jimmy Olsen: he hurt his knee at King of Trios, go concussed by Reyes, and he doesn't have his tag partner anymore. Here's to hoping that nothing else bad befalls him this year.

UltraMantis Black d. Tim Donst -- This was a fine little match. Hydra was trying to help UMB with cheating but Sabato had none of it. The end of the match saw Donst get whipped into the ropes, only for Hydra to catch him and do a stunner on the top rope. And Hydra splatted RIGHT in front of us, he looked to have landed really hard. After the Praying Mantis Bomb for the pin, Sabato went to get the on-site doctor to help Donst. Instead, UMB helped Donst up and out of the ring, and they left with each other out the back door. Donst just kept saying, "Where am I?" over and over, so here's hoping they do something awesome with an amnesia! Actually, you'll find out more about it from Sunday's results.

Brodie Lee def. Shane Storm -- Not even five minutes. John and I loved the boot to finish off the match. Storm got laid out and it was great. Storm's face hit square on Brodie's sole and he kinda rotated with the kick. The match didn't even last five minutes, getting the boot-to-the-face finisher even more over than it already is.

Mitch Ryder & Shayne Hawke def. Cheech & Cloudy -- Match of the night. Cheech & Cloudy are always awesome. Ryder & Hawke's heel tactics are sensational. So much happened, and the finish saw a spike piledriver on Cloudy for the win. Cheech did an excellent job of making me care that The Fabulous Two were cheating so badly. Sadly, no mention of textbooks by Mitch Ryder tonight.

Mike Quackenbush (c) def. El Pantera to retain the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title -- This went along very well. Lots of sweet-ass submissions. Pantera dove to Quack by leaping over Bryce. Quack hit a springboard moonsault on the outside. The finish saw them roll around with Quack in control, eventually linking his leg under Pantera's neck to go for the Chikara special. Quack lost his grip a little and didn't have it fully on, and Pantera started to tap his arm on the mat. But he tapped as if to get us to join in and clap along with the "clap....clap...clap..clapclapclap." Instead Bryce called for the bell. Quack played it off nicely but it was awkward. Remember last year, Sicodelico/Lince vs FIST? And it ended strangely and everyone stood around waiting for a true ending to the show? That's how this felt as well. It felt very off.

After looking at the show again a few days later, this was better than I originally remembered. The ending to the final match really threw me off and it's making me think badly of El Pantera. He was absolutely fantastic in 2007 in Chikara and was one of the wrestlers I loved to see. It's like he lost a step coming into 2008, though, and to me, it's very noticeable. Something about his timing has been off and it really took away from some of his matches this year.

Passion and Persistence -- Philadelphia, PA -- April 20, 2008

We found out why the extra cameramen left after the second match on Saturday night: they're filming a Robbie Ellis documentary! They actually asked me a few questions, and I said that he took a beating the previous night and really stood out. I signed a waiver and everything. I might be on someday!

Fire Ant & Soldier Ant d. Vin Gerard & Bull Pain by DQ -- While Nick Papagiorgio was doing the pre-show announcements, Vin came to the ring from the crowd and took the mic. He said a lot of the same things that he did on Saturday and challenged Fire & Soldier Ant to a tag match against himself and Bull. After the match started. Fire Ant took a suplex on the concrete by Bull Pain. Later, Bull DDT'ed Soldier Ant on a chair on the outside. After Bull took his bat into the ring and started to beat the Ants down even more, a DQ was called. The attack didn't stop, so many of the masked tecnicos ran out to help the Colony. Chikarason then suspended Bull for 30 days! That's one way for the Colony to get a point, I guess.

Chuck Taylor d. Hydra -- Hydra got in a TON of offense, and Chuck didn't even make it look forced. Hydra actually almost pulled off the upset after his sleeper neckbreaker, but Chuck kicked out. Hydra even did a plancha over the top rope right in front of us! In the end, though, Chucky T won with the Omega Driver. Important to note: the Order did NOT accompany Hydra to the ring.

Jimmy Olsen d. Player Uno -- This was a good match, but I don't remember much about it. I do remember that Jimmy actually didn't get hurt! Olsen's finisher, which I would like to name "The Jimmy Jam," looks so brutal: an alley-oop that rolls over into a piledriver. I don't know how he managed to get Player Uno over for it, but he did.

Tim Donst d. Ophidian -- Donst was accompanied by Crossbones and UltraMantis Black! Donst looked very confused but he went along with it. I guess that UMB brainwashed the already-concussed Donst into following the ways of the Order. Here's hoping that Donst ends up in some crazy gear by August. Also, it seems that the new Order is going to be rudo: UMB gave Donst some tips during the match, and Donst wasn't sure if his directions were the right thing to do. He did them anyway, though -- he poked Ophidian right in the eye as he was told. The fans were into cheering for Ophidian here.

Helios d. Amasis -- I think Amasis' family was there and they added a TON to the show. Amasis made fun of them a lot and they booed him right back. I was starting to sour a little on Helios, as many things he does are awkward, but he had his best match in Chikara since New Star Navigation last October. Dear Helios: stop trying to make us clap every 13 seconds. Helios won with a standing SSP. He also hit a beautiful standing moonsault earlier in the match.


Quackenbush, Storm, Cheech, and Cloudy d. Robbie Ellis, Mitch Ryder, Shayne Hawke, and Larry Sweeney -- The intermission re-energized us all, as the crowd was extremely hot for this match. Before the match, Sweeney, Hawke, and Ellis danced for Destiny, and then Larry said that they were coming for her. The first half of the match was dominated by the rudo team; the second half was controlled by the tecnico side. The finish saw Sweeney get double-superkicked by Cheech and Cloudy and palmstriked by Quackenbush all at the same time, followed by a "That Japanese Move" by Shane Storm. Storm pinned Sweeney, and Ryder and Mitch got pissed. They couldn't believe that they had lost another match because Larry got pinned. Ryder vs. Sweeney this year? That would be fantastic. I told Larry after the show that he doesn't need those bums.

Sabian d. El Pantera -- As we all know, Eddie Kingston is out of wrestling right now with some "personal issues." It's not my job to speculate as to why he's gone, but since he wasn't there, the tag match was changed to a singles match. After Pantera won a coin flip, he and Sabian has a match that was a little off here and there, but I think it's because they were just going with whatever the entire match. This was maybe the worst match on the show, but it was still good and watchable. Sabian scores a pinfall on El Pantera after getting Sabato to look at the ceiling, low-blowing El Pantera, and rolling him up for three. Additionally, Lince was out there to cheer on his partner. Edit: one other thing. Sabian wsa untying El Pantera's mask for some heat. And then Pantera accidentally lost it when he hit a turnbuckle. I don't think we saw his face, though, as he covered it quickly.

Brodie Lee d. Claudio Castagnoli by DQ -- This match was awesome. The giant swing on Brodie was insane. And a DQ finish leaves the feud open for the next few shows at the least! About eight minutes into the match, Claudio went for a bicycle kick on Brodie, but he moved and Claudio nailed referee Sabato instead. After some back-and-forth, Claudio hit a Ricola Bomb. Bryce ran out and counted one...two...(bell rings) three! While the pin was being counter, Sabato had crawled over to the timekeeper and called for the bell because he got kicked in the face. Bryce kept claiming it was an accident but Derek was having none of it. I actually liked this finish and am already looking forward to their eventual rematch.

Incoherence (c) d. F.I.S.T. to retain Los Campeonatos de Parejas -- At one point, Delirious slapped Akuma right on top of the head and it was such a loud smack. The best part of the match was probably when Icarus brought the bell into the ring to hit Hallowicked. They were winning 1-0 falls at that point, so an effective DQ like that actually wouldn't have hurt them that much. but Hallowicked got the bell and rang it and Delirious went crazy! All of the falls were believable and the lead up to the final one was great. I don't think too many people thought that FIST could win going into the show, but I think we feared the worst several times throughout the match. For example, right after the first fall, FIST almost won the titles back within 5 minutes. But somehow, and luckily, Hallowicked kicked out of a frog splash. The final fall saw Gran Akuma get double fisherman suplexed from the top rope by both Delirious and Hallowicked. Great title match to end the weekend. After the match, Delirious was hugging fans. he hugged dave for a really long time, and then said, "Don't change, man! Don't ever change!" Faaaaantastic!

Many people went to the first night and not to the second night, believing that "Passion and Persistence" would be the weaker show. I actually enjoyed Sunday's show even more than Saturday's. We were out of there by 7:00 so the show was definitely paced well. Nothing was overly-botched and everything was fun. Just a few short weeks until Rey de Voladores weekend!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Preview of the April 19th & 20th shows

This weekend marks the first shows since the enormous King of Trios weekend almost two months ago. The start of the season usually sets up many storylines for the rest of the year, with the next two shows important in kick-starting some feuds. Will Eddie Kingston want to gain revenge against Lince Dorado or any other members of Team Mexico? Will The Colony get their hands on Vin Gerard, or will Vin manage to gain some allies to create a maskless army? Who will be the next candidates to try to earn a shot at los Campeonatos de Parejas? Below are my quick thoughts on this weekend's match-ups, as well as some speculation for the year going forward.

April 19th - Deuces Wild - Hellertown, PA

Jimmy Olsen vs. Gran Akuma -- Is this a face turn for Jimmy Jam? I'm pretty sure that we've all been fans of him and his shtick with Colin Olsen for the past year in Chikara, so that wouldn't be much of a stretch for him. Here's hoping he calls out for a tag in the middle of the match so we can all go, "Awwwwwww."

Vin Gerard vs. Worker Ant -- Vin recently posted on the blog about the Colony and being dumped in the trash at Night 3 of King of Trios. Ever since Vin lost his mask last November, this has been a hot storyline for Chikara since. Their match at "Two Eyebrows..." was better than decent and I'm hoping that this match is just as good. The crowd was all over Vin for costing the Colony a shot at the King of Trios finals, so he'll probably get booed out of the building again on Saturday.

Chuck Taylor & Icarus vs. Create-a-Wrestler & Player Uno -- Last month, CAW went for that slingshot dropkick in the corner during the 8-man tag match and missed by about a million feet. I have nothing to add to that. For CAW to be in the ring with three Chikara veterans can only be good for his career, so let's hope that this could be the start of a good year for him. Also, this could make a trio for Player Uno now, as CAW is another video-game reference to go with the Super Smash Brothers.

Tim Donst vs. UltraMantis Black -- Tim Donst has come a long way since April 2007, where he lost his first ever match against a match involving UMB. In fact, UltraMantis scored the victory over Donst after a Praying Mantis Bomb. Hopefully Donst can get back on track with his submission- and ground-based style, as they've been slightly off for a few shows.

Shane Storm vs. Brodie Lee -- Holy crap I love me some Brodie Lee. This could potentially be Eddie/Storm from "Two Eyebrows..." all over again. I'm actually hoping that Shane gets pissed off at being a whipping boy for so long that he joins Vin Gerard's maskless quest. Shane needs something new, and maybe losing the mask could be it. yes i know maskless isn't a word i can see the red squiggly lines jeez

The Colony vs. The Osirian Portal -- This match could be fantastic and maybe even end up being the match of the night. I think a lot of people are looking for the Portal to gain three points sooner than later this year, and I believe that they already have one (vs. Lince/Pantera last November). And even though they didn't win the King of Trios tournament last month, the Colony should continue to impress us.

Helios (c) vs. Lince Dorado, Young Lions Cup match -- I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't know if I can picture Lince losing this match. I understand the symbolism with him chasing a title as his mentor, El Pantera, is doing the same in the show's main event. But Helios should hold onto the title until the tournament in June, and I feel that Lince should be in Young Lions Cup VI this year. After defeating Mitch Ryder at Chapter 11 and winning 5 matches in 2 days at King of Trios, it's hard to pick against Lince for any match at this point.

Cheech & Cloudy vs. Mitch Ryder & Shayne Hawke -- Mitch instructed me to buy peanut butter donuts this month and I'll be sure to serve him well on this request. Cheech & Cloudy have had great matches in losing efforts this year, and you figure they have to get out of this funk that they're stuck in. Then again, Hawke is a pick of mine to win the Young Lions Cup this year.

Mike Quackenbush (c) vs. El Pantera, NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title -- After pinning Quackenbush to eliminate Team QuackStormSkayde from the King of Trios tournament in the quarterfinals, El Pantera challenged his friend to a match for the belt as soon as possible. Quackenbush agreed and so we have our main event. This should be an excellent match with plenty of lucha moves, complex reversals, and crazy submissions. This should be an excellent match to close the show.

April 20th - Passion & Persistence - Philadelphia, PA

Player Uno vs. Jimmy Olsen
-- So maybe Jimmy Jam goes right back to being a heel again. Who knows. I've been a Player Uno fan for a while now, so I'm looking forward to this match. Hopefully Olsen is all right after the recent injuries he's apparently sustained (hurt his knee at King of Trios; knocked out by Ricky Reyes).

Tim Donst vs. Ophidian -- These two were in opposing corners in the main event at "Two Eyebrows..." at the start of the year. Ophidian continues to improve and please don't go near my girlfriend I don't feel like dealing with her screaming. Oh wait, we'll be in Philly, he can't go past the guardrail!

The Hydra vs. Chuck Taylor -- At last, Hydra has a match this weekend! After the Order's impressive showing at King of Trios, Hydra is expected to put on much better matches, and he'll get an excellent match against a veteran like Chuck Taylor. And anything that gives us a chance to pull for Hydra is good. Taylor's antics should be fantastic during this match.

Helios vs. Amasis -- Tag teams continue to be split up for this show as Amasis will have his first singles encounter in Chikara. We should see a ton of high-flying out of these two guys. Don't forget, Amasis hit a 450 splash during King of Trios weekend. This weekend will also see how Helios has recouperated from that beating at the hands of the BLK Out last month.

Quack, Storm, Cheech, and Cloudy vs. Ryder, Sweeney, Hawke, and Ellis -- This will be absolutely awesome. I'll be glad to have Larry Sweeney back for this show. I honestly can't put into words how much I'm looking forward to this.

Eddie Kingston & Sabian vs. Lince Dorado & El Pantera -- Here's hoping that Eddie is back at this show. Sabian didn't make it to King of Trios, but he'll likely want revenge for his other BLK Out brethren for their loss in the tournament finals. We may have a tag team of champions for this match if Lince & El Pantera are victorious on Saturday.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brodie Lee -- It's about time Brodie is matched up against someone his own size. I don't think a boot to Claudio's face would keep him down as it has some of the smaller wrestlers over the past year. And just like everyone else, I'm excited to see Claudio back in Chikara this year. Hopefully this is a start to an excellent 2008 in Chikara for him. This could easily steal as the match of the night.

Hallowicked & Delirious (c) vs. Gran Akuma & Icarus, Campeonatos de Parejas -- I'm actually not too fond of how F.I.S.T. is invoking a rematch clause to get a shot at the titles. As far as I'm concerned, they don't have three points, so they don't have a title match. Hopefully Incoherence can hold onto the titles and render this point moot. This match should be an excellent end to a Chikara weekend.

See you all there!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

PCW - Arlington, TX

I've been to a ton of Chikara shows now. I went to a few in 2006 when I just found out about it, a ton in 2007, and I don't think I'll miss any in 2008 until the Aniversario shows in New England. And being from the Philadelphia area, I've been spoiled with some great wrestling, from ECW in the 90's (on WTGW, Channel 48, serving Philadelphia and Burlington counties) to ROH for the past few years. You get used to the fans, the wrestling, the personalities. You know that you're going to get a good show because the wrestlers treat it like every show is the biggest. We are a demanding group of fans, and they try to deliver every time they go out to the ring.

We also seem to be in pocket where we value wrestling over other theatrics. We don't need a dummy of a cheerleader in a casket with ground beef as brains. We don't need to watch guys go through a plate glass window where that's actually how the winner is determined (glares at CZW). We want to watch a story unfold in the ring and with promos, not with tales made up by ex-writers for soap operas. And don't get me wrong -- I'm pegging some of those problems on WWE because they're the biggest and easiest to target, but they're also the best. You can't argue with their success over such a long period of time. We see that Raw gets a 3.2 rating and we scoff at such a "low" score, when in actuality that's 2-3 points higher than almost every other cable show on TV, and triple the score of their closest competitor, TNA.

And maybe that's why I felt that the Professional Championship Wrestling (PCW) show that I went to a month ago was so poor. To be a company like the WWE, you need money and the best wrestlers in the world. And to try to do that on a smaller scale in front of the same 100 people every week just doesn't work. I went to one of their shos on a recent visit to Texas. Here are links to the results of that show (and others), with a ton of my thoughts after it. And I have to tell you that I'm not one of those negative internet wrestling fans. I tried to enjoy the show and I want to point out as many positives as I can.

  • Decent wrestlers -- Aaron Eagle, Jerome Daniels, Mike Foxx, and Franco D'Angelo were quite good in the ring. The Eagle/Daniels match was by far the best of the night. They managed to get the crowd to react more than anyone else all night (excepting the main event, but that didn't really count). In fact, I actually felt bad for Aaron Eagle because he would be much better suited in a fed where the fans seem to care more.
  • Matthew Palmer -- OK, this is somewhat biased. This wrestler is actually Destiny's friend from years and years ago. They went to school together all through high school, and we were actually lucky enough to see his first match. And honestly, he was one of the best wrestlers on the show. He did a moonsault off the top rope (but missed), sold like a champ, and had a wonderful babyface comeback. His match was paced far faster than the rest.
  • Production -- Everyone not only had an entrance video, but the music was actually produced by a local band. It gives the entrances a unique feel, in that not everyone is coming out to some song by Disturbed or something. A minor downside to that, though, is a lot of the entrance songs sounded similar. Here's their main star Mike Foxx's entrance video.


  • Names & Nicknames -- Everyone in TNA has a lame nickname, and PCW tries to copy that. I didn't even realize that the PCW guys were announced with nicknames until after I read the results. "Tim Storm" is maybe the worst wrestling name I've ever heard. "Robert Evans" wore yellow and red...hey, just like the restaurant of the same name! And does someone named Jiggle-O James Johnson really need "Hunk for Hire" at the beginning of his name?
  • Overbooking -- Nobe Bryant vs. Brandon Collins finished like this: Collins put on a cloverleaf/grapevine maneuver and had it locked on for at least a minute. Bryant apparently injured his knee during the move so the ref threw up the "X" to get the medics out there to help. Brandon let go of the move and a literal two minutes of awkwardness followed as no one came out to help and no one was named the winner. And then Nobe rolled up Brandon for the quick three. This shouldn't happen at a small wrestling show! Additionally, after Wally Darkmon Canadian Destroyer'ed the guest referee in the main event, it was announced that they would have a Casket Match at the next show. The guy who announced it, Mike Foxx, would be busy the next week in a Cane on a Pole match.
  • The audience -- The face is caught in an octopus stretch and can't quite get to the ropes. He's struggling and he needs some help, so what do we do? Clap....clap..clap..clap..clapclapclap! I tried this at least three times during the show and the fans looked at me like I was insane. In fact, for 5 of the 6 matches, the fans basically sat cross-armed and watched as if they were watching on TV. They chanted "YOU GOT NOTH-ING!" for about 10 minutes straight at Nobe Bryant, and then would blindly chant one of the face's names during the main event, even after it had ended. Oh, and the loudest pops of the night were for Steve Austin in a video package promoting Lacey Von Erich's match a few weeks later.
  • Busseys =/= Mr. McMahon -- I understand that a wrestling federation may need a commissioner-type role. They can play a part in storylines, but it isn't really necessary for them to be a main character. The Busseys (yes, from the failed TLC show "The Bussey Bunch") are trying to be an important part of these shows. They came out on two occasions: once to set up some matches, and another time to choke a mechanical chicken and berate a fan named Charlie. The chicken/Charlie thing actually has an ongoing storyline now.
  • One arena -- They took an old auditorium with a stage and turned it into a wrestling arena. The problem is, though, that they don't go anywhere else. It's as if they're content with what they're doing and just go with it. I got the feel that they really showed no interest in improving or growing larger. I don't understand how it can be worth it to do shows with TLC and Flaming Tables matches in front of the same 100 people every week.

Basically, they're all style with little substance. The wrestling isn't great, the referees are bad, and the audience is just weird. They try to be a company like WWE, with a weekly TV show, extravagant entrances, commissioner-like characters, in-ring promos that go nowhere, and zany nicknames. They're trying too hard to be a mini-WWE, but they don't have the resources or the talent to do it. A lot of the matches just turned into this: do a move, wait 10 seconds, do a move, wait 10 seconds. Oh, and Lance Hoyt is one of their main trainers.

Match-by-match and show analysis:

  • Awesome video package to pump us up for the show. Whoever does their videos is fantastic because he makes this fed look great.
  • "Hunk For Hire" Jiggle-O James Johnson def. Carrion Arcane -- JJJ's finisher is an elbow drop, but he does a frog splash before he does it. Carrion Arcane is sporting one of Texas' favorite outfits: a black shirt with black jeans that have flames on them. JJJ looks like a guy who could dive all over the place, and had a great opportunity at one point when his opponent was on the outside, but he just let Arcane into the ring. Also, you shouldn't try three Yakuza kicks in one match if you're wearing jeans and you can't quite get that smack sound right.
  • "Grim Reaper" Tim Storm def. "The Mind of Wrestling" J.T. LaMotta -- LaMotta comes out pre-match with Dr. Wagner Jr.'s (!) mask, saying that he recently defeated him in Mexico and took his mask. "People with masks stink!" he tells us (paraphrased, by the way). Out comes Tim Storm, who is now wearing a mask because he got his head shaved recently after losing a match (see second "Con" above). So JT is obviously a heel after his deal on the mic...but Storm is also a heel because he won't let us see his new haircut. All I remember about this match is that it was slow, but JT tried really hard to make this entertaining.
  • A video was shown to promote Lacey Von Erich's PCW debut on March 22nd. As I said before, the loudest pops of the night were each of the six times Austin appeared in the video. I think the video was from a promo for the Von Erichs' DVD. After the video, Mike Foxx (with Wally Darkmon, also in flamed black jeans and black shirt!) came out and said that the Von Erich legacy was dead, claiming he deserved a shot at the PCW title. Then came out JJJ again to try to help his BFF Wally Darkmon. Next out was Franco D'Angelo, saying that he deserved the title shot, but then Action Jackson came out and said he'd defend his title against anyone, anytime. So then The Bussey Boys came out to settle everything. At the April 12th show, there would be a 4-way, 2-falls match. The first fall would be for Brett Idol's TV title; the second fall would be for Action Jackson's PCW Title. Then they said that the main event of our show would be Action Jackson & Franco D'Angelo vs. Mike Foxx & Wally Darkmon, with JJJ as the guest referee. That's right, Jiggle-O three times in one night!
  • The Real Deal" Nobe Bryant def. "The Expert" Brandon Collins in a No Snakes Allowed Match -- This match is the one where the ref threw up the "X" signal. Brandon Collins might have the worst kicks in the history of professional wrestling and I'm not exaggerating. They missed by a few inches every time. You could tell that both of them were thinking of spots of the fly because they constantly looked up and to the left while coming up with ideas. The match lasted way too long and the ending was awkward as noted above.
  • INTERMISSION. That's right -- 3 matches in and we're almost done. Only $10 for a seat, though! And for $5, you could get a picture with Aaron Idol in the ring!
  • "Essence of Excellence" Robert Evans def. Matthew Palmer -- With a nickname like that, you'd expect Robert Evans to be some sort of pompous, maybe even snooty wrestler. Nope, be comes out wearing red and yellow, a feather boa, and does a funky little dance on the ring apron! Palmer was quite good for his first match; all of those years of being in plays in high school paid off. Palmer's late-match comeback almost got him the win, but after missing a moonsault, Evans hit his finisher for the pin. Evans went to do commentary for the next match.
  • "Success Story in the Making" Aaron Eagle b "Flawless" Jerome Daniels to retain the PCW Cruiserweight Title -- Look at that nickname. Probably the match of the night, as Aaron Eagle has the most potential of anyone in this fed. Daniels jawed with the crowd and got us to respond, and Eagle solidly got us behind him through the finish. After the match, Evans got into the ring to try to take out Eagle, only to be laid out by Aaron's "Side Effect"-like finisher. I guess this is setting up the TLC match they'll have on April 12th.
  • Wally Darkmon & “Dark Messiah/Main Event”Mike Foxx b "The Beast" Franco D'Angelo & Action Jackson with Jiggle-O James Johnson as the referee -- Wally wrestled under Foxx's directions, although reluctantly. The fans absolutely love Franco D'Angelo. He looks pretty bad-ass, too, so I don't blame them. His picture on the website sucks so don't go by that. In a match with a guest referee, they did a ref bump! After JJJ rolled out of the ring, Mike Foxx used his cane to hit Franco. The instant he tossed the cane down, another ref came to the ring to count the three. After the match, Blackmon Canadian Destroyer'ed JJJ because he is emo or something. The fans kept chanting "WALLY! WALLY!" even though he just did a flip-piledriver to the ref, who is one of their favorite wrestlers on top of that. Then Mike Foxx said that Blackmon vs. JJJ will be a Casket match on April 12th, and there will be a Cane on a Pole match between D'Angelo and Foxx before that. Foxx then his Action Jackson with the cane, and AJ had to be helped to the back. He didn't even move for like 2 minutes so it was really strange.

Ref bumps, throwing up the "X", below-average wrestling, and stabbing mechanical chickens? You bet I'm going back when I visit Texas again.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

King of Trios 2008 Night 3 Review

'bout time, innit?

The Colony d. F.I.S.T -- For the second straight year, F.I.S.T. loses on the opening match of Night 3 of the tournament. The best move of the match was probably Chucky T giving Sole Food to one of the Ants from the middle rope. This was an exciting opener to the show and seemed to promise a great night for the Colony. They won the match with the Ant Hill and pinning Gran Akuma.

Team Mexico d. QuackStormSkayde -- El Pantera and Skayde in the ring at the same time! You can probably bet that won't happen again in a Chikara ring, or maybe even any ring, ever again. The best spot in the match saw Quack and Skayde clean house of Team Mexico, with the two celebrating in the ring and Quack yelling, "THAT'S MY TEACHER!" while pointing at Skayde. This match had a strange vibe to it, in that El Pantera seemed to be playing the heel.
When Pantera was tagged in to wrestle Quack, instead of locking up, El Pantera hit a spinning heel kick. That might not sound entirely heel-like, but knowing that El Pantera and Quack are close just made it seem a little off. Finish it off with El Pantera pinning Quackenbush the same exact way Quack eliminated Pantera's team from the previous year's tournament, and then demanding a shot at the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title, it definitely felt like we were about to witness a heel turn. They shook hands and everything, but it didn't bade well for the rest of the night.

BLK Out d. Team Japan -- We didn't get any head-butts! Every time it seemed like Kingston was about to head-butt MIYAWAKI, he laid off or punched him instead. I, as well as many fans around me, were cringing just waiting for them to come. Hard-hitting matches like this are always a welcome break from the lucha. SUSUMU looked really really tiny during this match, and anything that he tried to land with impact hit with almost no sound at all. I think at one point, SUSUMU went for his spinning Yoshitonic on Kingston but got flipped over into a powerbomb. A Backfist to the Future put SUSUMU away after that.

The Golden Trio d. The Fabulous Three -- The match was everything you'd expect, with Helios landing a standing SSP on Larry Sweeney for the win. It was everything after the match, though, that got everyone's attention. First, while The Golden Trio was celebrating, Shayne Hawke was ratting him out to Mitch Ryder, saying "HE LOST THE MATCH!" over and over like a five-year-old trying to get his little sister in trouble. Then, Sweeney, Ryder, and Hawke all attacked the members of The Golden Trio, with F.I.S.T. coming out after the beatdown. Icarus said that since Incoherence got their title match while Akuma was hurting that F.I.S.T. would get their rematch in Philadelphia on April 20th while Hallowicked and Delirious were down. At least The Golden Trio made it through to the semifinals.

Tag Team Gauntlet -- Last year's gauntlet was INSANE. It lasted about an hour and featured 19 teams. I was looking forward to them doing that again this year, but they cut it short to 10 teams. The Immortals lost first to The North Star Express (thank goodness). Then, Sha Samuels and Terry Frazier came out and made NSE tap out with a Boston Crab and a Fishhook Crossface. The Southern Saints were next and knocked out our favorite British wrestlers from the weekend. Las Chivas followed and eliminated the Southern Saints and the next team, the Super Smash Brothers. I think one of the Goats landed on his head and was very woozy. As Stupefied continue to wrestle him, the Goat just kept trying to wave him away because he was having trouble standing. Shimizu & Go from El Dorado made quick work of Las Chivas after that, but Sara del Ray and Bobby Dempsey eliminated them even faster. Next out were The Hydra & Crossbones. Hydra got Dempsey in the Hydralock and Crossbones kept kicking Dempsey in his giant stomach, making Bobby give up! The tenth team was Demolition, who got a huge reaction from the crowd. The finish saw Hydra on the receiving end of a Decapitation when Ax jumped off the top rope knee-first. Afterward they high-fived everyone at ringside on their way out.


BLK Out d. The Golden Trio -- Helios got absolutely murdered during this match. He took so much punishment and was easily in the ring for the majority of the time. The finish was shady but I liked it at the time. When Bryce's back was turned, Joker slapped his leg and fell to the ground, holding his crotch. Hallowicked was standing over him at the time and Bryce turned around at the sound of the slap. He teased calling for the bell and everyone yelled, "No!" Joker continued to "roll around in pain" and his efforts worked, as Bryce called for the disqualification. I have NEVER heard Bryce get booed so loudly and for so long. You could tell Bryce felt kinda bad afterwards. This meant that there was a really good chance we were going to get The Colony vs. BLK Out in the finals of the tournament!

Team Mexico d. The Colony -- And then this happened. See, one problem with wrestling tournaments is that you envision so many different outcomes and you pick out your favorite. I picked BLK Out vs. The Golden Trio in the finals for a continuation of the Hallowicked/Kingston feud. I know that many people wanted to see the Colony win the entire tournament; they had a great 2007 and this was going to be a start to an even better 2008. And when we saw the possibility of BLK Out vs. Colony in the finals, everyone was already picking their sides.

But, just like in all of the previous Colony matches in the tournament, Vin Gerard came out and sat on a chair on the ramp. This time, though, he didn't just sit there and watch. While the Ants were forming Voltron in the ring to jump on a member of Team Mexico, Vin came to ringside to try to distract the Colony. So instead of jumping onto an opponent, Fire Ant flew threw the air, out of the ring, and onto Vin Gerard. In the ring, though, Team Mexico gained the advantage, and when Incognito went for the pinfall, Vin held Fire Ant on the outside and no one could get over to break up the pin. After the match, the Ants picked up Vin and dumped him head-first into a trashcan.

This disappointed a good portion of the crowd. Many fans still aren't totally sold on Lince Dorado yet. We wanted to see a BLK Out vs. Colony finals, including myself. Add to the fact that Team Mexico won with shenanigans on the outside, and El Pantera's semi-heel turn, we were looking at an unlikeable finals matchup. This really took its toll on the crowd, with many people even complaining about the non-tournament matches that followed.

Vin Gerard d. Glacier, Martin Stone, and Reno Diamond -- More Glacier! We were all very pleased with his appearance over the weekend. Vin Gerard entered with no music and was covered in trash from the previous match. After Diamond and Stone were eliminated, Vin worked over Glacier's braced knee. Vin eventually won the match with a roll-up. Everyone was a little beat after the fantastic semi-finals match-ups, but we all took every chance we could to boo Vin Gerard as loudly as we could.

m.c. KZ d. Michael Nakazawa -- This was probably the best of the non-tournament matches before the finals. Nakazawa is fantastic. I think he had the best line of all the wrestlers during the tournament (picture him saying it with an "I can barely speak English" accent): "The oil makes me slippery. His wrestling is useless!" (Second place goes to Chuck Taylor, about Bobby Dempsey: "YOU'VE CREATED AN UNSTOPPABLE KILLING MACHINE"). Nakazawa went to spit baby oil into m.c. KZ's face, but he ducked and ended up winning with his KZ Time finisher.

Tim Donst, Create-A-Wrestler, Chiva II & Arik Cannon d. Ophidian, Amasis, Ice Cream Jr., and El Hijo del Ice Cream -- Someone on Donst's team put a sleeper hold on someone on Ophidian's team. And then they went back and forth until Tim Donst was the last man putting someone in a sleeper hold. PJ Drummond lifted everyone's arm and EVERYONE was unresponsive, so Donst wins the entire match! Just a quick comedy match to chill us all out before the finals match.

Team Mexico d. BLK Out -- As great a Colony/BLK Out finals match would have been, I have to admit that it's somewhat good that we didn't get a match that we saw 47 times in 2007. We needed something new for 2008 and we already got it. But the finals matched up the BLK Out (superheels) against Team Mexico (cheered for Lince but Pantera was confusing all night), and they'd have to really deliver to make this a fantastic finals.

Luckily, they did deliver. During the three matches between the semis and the finals, I (like many) was quite downtrodden that the Colony didn't advance to the finals. m.c. KZ/Michael Nakazawa was good, but the other two matches were definitely there to cool us down. And even during the first couple minutes of the finals match, it was mildly difficult to get into.

But Kingston and Joker were incredible. They made fun of Lince's injury so many times. We HAD to cheer for Lince, even though it felt a bit forced. Joker went and faked the low-blow finish like the previous match, but Bryce refused to call it this time. And then Eddie german suplexed Lince on his head and he got right up with FIGHTING SPIRIT. This got a great portion of the crowd right back into it. After Lince hit a beautiful shooting star press from one corner, I was sold. And as always, I pop like a mofo for the Chikara Special.

The BLK Out carried the finals match, but Lince definitely deserves the MVP for that match for making us care ten times more about him by the time Eddie tapped out at the end. The MVPs of the entire weekend, though, were definitely BLK Out. Eddie was fantastic, Joker wrestled the best I've ever seen him do, and even Ruckus busted out some new stuff. So here are my awards for the weekend!

Best Entrance: Da Soul Touchaz
Best Import: Team IPW:UK
Craziest Move: Jimmy Olsen's Alley-oop into a piledriver
Best Wrestling: Skayde vs. El Pantera
Best Surprise: Glacier
Best Moment: Sweeney vs. One Man Gang strut-off
Best Gimmick: Michael Nakazawa
Best Match, Night 1: Quack/Storm/Skayde vs. Team WTF?
Best Match, Night 2: Team F.I.S.T. vs Da Soul Touchaz
Best Match, Night 3: BLK Out vs. The Golden Trio
Favorite Match, other than those listed: Team F1rst vs. Team IWS

I have some other things I'd like to write about on this blog! There are TWO shows coming up in about two-and-a-half weeks: "Deuces Wild" on Saturday, April 19th in Hellertown, PA; and "Passion and Persistence" on Sunday, April 20th in Philadelphia, PA. I also was to comment on the PCW show I went to a couple weekends ago, and maybe even my thoughts on Wrestlemania 24. I'll probably be updating on Wednesday evenings for a while, so be sure to check back then! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

King of Trios 2008 Night 2 Review

Before we get to Night 2, let me talk about the conclave. We had the opportunity to meet nearly all of the wrestlers from both nights of the tournament before the show. I got to play Fire Pro against Fire Ant and I beat him with D'Lo. Go watch Podcast #100 -- that's me being interviewed by Wiggly! After about 45 minutes, they had a Q&A session with some rudos & tecnicos. Chikarason asked the interviewees to do an imitation of their favorite wrestlers. The funniest (worst?) on was Chuck Taylor laying down in the ring and then shaking, to make fun of Lince Dorado's injury. There was much more to go into detail here, and you can see a ton of it on that same podcast (UMB's singing was great).

But now let's go over Night 2, shall we?

Team Japan d. The Southern Saints -- Yesyesyes MIYAWAKI. Susumu wasn't a very big guy, and most of his moves landed with no impact. In fact, they had very little sound at all. After 500 moves echo off the walls of the ECW arena, it just looks strange when someone lands on their back and you barely hear it. The Southern Saints came out dressed up as, well, I guess you could call it "reverse-KKK" outfits. Marcus O'Neill and Reno Diamond wore while cloaks, and all three of them carried Confederate flags. There's just so much to analyze there.

Anyway, KUDO and MIYAWAKI are awesome and, as I said 8000 times on this page before, I was ecstatic to see their return to Chikara. Marcus O'Neill's facial expressions throughout the show were definitely a highlight. The finish saw a beatdown on O'Neill with a swinging Yoshitonic finishing move.

Da Soul Touchaz d. Team BSE -- I misread this match horribly. I thought that maybe BSE would get a win here because Chikara has taken a liking to Super Xtremo. Unfortunately for them, Cobra Kai wasn't very good. He yelled...something at us to try to boo him. I just yelled, "TIMMAY" back because that's what it sounded like. On the other end of the spectrum, Da Soul Touchaz were the other surprise of the weekend (along with Team IPW:UK). Their choreographed entrance was great, even if it was to that popular "Soulja Boy" song that is cool among the teens! You really had no idea what you were getting with this team, and then they come out and put so much energy into the arena in just 2 seconds. Willie Richardson was fantastic, hitting a 300-pound leg drop to finish the match. I was glad to see them move on to the next round because we'd get to see that entrance again.

Team F.I.S.T. d. Sweet 'n' Sour, Inc. -- The crowd was all about Bobby Dempsey here. He probably got some of the loudest chants of the weekend. Tank Toland hit his exercise-based moves, Sara del Ray hit a ton of stiff moves on Icarus, and Chuck Taylor said he was going to beat Sara like his ex-girlfriend. Dempsey hit a couple sweet belly-to-belly suplexes, and after yelling "COME ON BABY" for us to cheer him, turned around right into a pedigree by Icarus. No, not a "boot-to-the-stomach, followed-by-a-pedigree" finish, but a "push-Bobby's-head-down-and-do-a-pedigree" finish. It looked kinda lame, but I'm glad F.I.S.T. moved on here. Post-match, Toland smacked Dempsey for losing, and Sara del Ray helped him to the back.

The Fabulous Three d. Team Stranglehold -- Yes Shayne Hawke! An he's wearing a robe and a boa and glasses like his teammates! Before the show, I talked to Sweeney and he looked pumped. I think I knew why -- if his team won this match, they'd get to face Demolition and the One Man Gang later in the night! As always, Donst was the face-in-peril. This match had the best length of all of the first-round matches during the weekend. Many of the matches lasted way too long for a 27-match tournament, but this one was decently-paced. The finish was a falling elbow from the top by Sweeney onto Andy Sumner. And you know what this means: Sweeney and Akeem get to square off!

Team IWS d. Team F1rst -- Dammit I didn't want to see Team F1rst lose in the first round; in fact, if it wasn't for being in the same bracket as Team Mexico, I would have put them into the tournament on the final night. But I really didn't expect them to lose in the first round! Then again, El Generico was fantastic for his team, and Player Uno and Stupefied did a great job of getting the crowd into the show. The funniest spot saw Arik Cannon take out an N64 controller from his pants, put it into Player Uno's tights (anus?), and control him. He got him to attack his own teammates so it worked out well for Team F1rst. The finish of the match was a brutal tag-team spike piledriver onto Ryan Cruz that has to be seen to be explained. This was probably my favorite first-round match of the tournament.

Team Mexico d. Los Ice Creams & ?? -- Before the show, a friend of mine said that he knew who Los Ice Creams' partner would be, but I didn't want him to tell me. Historically, the third name pulled from the hat is usually the new partner. But when Chikarason said that their partner was Glacier, there was no way I was going to believe it until I saw it. And there he was, coming out to Sandstorm (Snowstorm?) with instant mashed potatoes being used as snowflakes. Los Ice Creams jumped up and down in enjoyment in the ring. The crowd exploded when we saw Glacier (Glacier!) in the ECW Arena.

The match went along well, with Incognito having a better showing than at Cibernetico. El Pantera was very strange this weekend, though, but I'll touch on that later. At one point in the match, Glacier got out a sock full of sprinkles. Lince had a move done onto them somehow, but eventually Lince hit a hurricanrana and a moonsault onto one of Los Ice Creams on the sprinkles. Extremely fun match with a great surprise.


Team Japan d. Team AZW -- Ohhhhhhhh boy. The Immortals weren't...good. They jawed with the crowd but it was lame. You could see one of the team members say to the other "hold me back" before he went after fans. It was funny but entirely too predictable. AkuA was more than decent in the ring, but it really seemed like he was just showing off power indy moves. The finish saw KUDO hit flying knees from the top onto AkuA for the pin.

Team F.I.S.T. d. Da Soul Touchaz -- Again, we got to watch the greatest entrance of the weekend by Da Soul Touchaz. C-Red is a fantastic manager. Willie Richardson was on fire again, but the best part of the match was Acid Jaz giving the SWISS MIST to Icarus. A "Swiss Mist" is doing a green mist move, but with hot chocolate powder. It smelled like chocolate for a while after that. Chucky Tea hit the Awful Waffle for the the three-count. Extremely loud "PLEASE COME BACK" chants finished off Da Soul Touchaz' nights. They thanked us with bows for a couple minutes.

The Fantastic Three d. Team WWF -- Ed Wood was in the crowd and he was dressed up as, and looked exactly like, Akeem the African Dream. So when Sweeney challenged One Man Gang to a strut-off, OMG put on Wood's hat and channeled his old gimmick! He definitely won the strut-off. Shayne Hawke was actually very good in this match, even though his attacks obviously did nothing. Ryder ended up hitting OMG in the face with a pair of brass knuckles to pick up the pinfall. We were sad to see Team WWF lose but it was great to see them wrestle in a small federation like Chikara at the ECW Arena.

Team Mexico d. Team IWS -- All that I really remember about this match was the finish: Incognito hit a fall away slam from the top rope on Stupefied, but he held on and did a moonsault to land on him. You know, like how Claudio eliminated Quackenbush during the 2006 Torneo Cibernetico. We were all very thankful for El Generico coming to Chikara for both of these matches; "Ole!" chants filled the arena all night. Oh, and before the match, there was some enormous feedback over the PA system and Stupefied and Player Uno freaked out.

Man I need to get these DVDs. So much happened and I forget so much of it. This was definitely the show of the weekend, with the strut-off, Glacier, and Da Soul Touchaz. A review of Night 3 should be coming shortly. Also, I'm going to write about a federation called PCW, an Arlington-based indy fed. Well, I'm going to write about them once because I went to a live show of theirs a couple weeks ago when I was in Texas. It really made me miss Chikara. Thanks for reading!

King of Trios 2008 Night 1 Review

Ok look, I'm sorry. I'm just going to get it out of the way in a totally sincere way; I'm sorry. The weekend after the show I went to Texas for a week with Destiny, and then we came back the next weekend and I had no time. I've just had no time. Work is even busy! I can barely manage my fantasy baseball team right now!

But I've been wanting to write my reviews for a while now. Some of my memories may have been wiped out because of the 3+ weeks I've waited, but I'm pretty sure I'll remember the important stuff.

King of Trios 2008 - Night 1 - February 29, 2008 - Philadelphia, PA

Las Chivas Rayadas d. Team ROH Grads -- You know, the zing of the tournament may have come during the first match of the weekend. George: "Shane Hagadorn? Oh, must be the pre-show!" Fantastic, my friend. This was a good match to get us into the show. We had to endure a Rhettski Jetski and Shane Hagadorn's stupid-ass "screw you" kick, but Las Chivas picked up the win. The third goat of the trio looked a little...different than the rest, by the way. He was a good foot taller and much much paler than his teammates. No crazy head-bumps during this match, so thanks for saving your necks for once.

The Colony d. Team El Dorado -- Michael Nakazawa is so awesome. He wore tights that were held together by just a few shoestrings. That's not what makes him awesome, I'm just stating it for posterity's sake. Also, he came out with baby oil and constantly covered himself with it. When Worker Ant went for a lock-up, he just slipped right off. He then used a hand-towel to keep his hands dry during a reverse waist-lock. Yes, we started a "USE THE TOW-EL" chant, and I'm not too proud of it. The finish saw Michael Nakazawa squirt some of the baby oil in his mouth to spit it at one of the Ants, only for the Ant to move, making the oil hit Nakazawa's teammate. Also, Nakazawa was knocked down in front of us on the outside, and he left a giant oil stain on the ground.

At this point, those of us in the front row realized that we were maybe six to eight feet from the ring, instead of a good 12 feet that we should be. It turned out that the barrier was taped together at the ends of each section, making the barrier kinda fold in toward the ring in a trapezoidal shape. This ends up being very important later in the show and led to something that I feel somewhat bad about.

The Order d. Team Kaiju Sea Amigos -- Before the match, UltraMantis Black came out with Dr. Cube! The two evil masterminds were teaming up to take down Call-Me-Kevin and his partners; Dr. Cube gave UMB tartar sauce to use against them. The match was very short, but we did get to see the following three things: 1) Call-Me-Kevin missing a moonsault; 2) UMB squirting the tartar sauce on his opponents; and 3) and Praying Mantis Bomb on Call-Me-Kevin. The Hydra looked pretty pumped to have won!

Quack, Storm, and Skayde d. Team Egypt -- It was a shame to see Amasis and Ophidian lose on the first night, but I think we all knew they would lose once they were teamed with Mecha Mummy. Pre-match, Quackenbush took off Skayde's mask for him; he wrestled under Jorge "Skayde" Rivera for the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately, I don't remember much about this match. I do remember, though, that Mecha Mummy scored about 5 palm strikes to the opposing team with a giant detachable hand. Oh, and the finish was brutal. Quackenbush tombstoned Amasis, bounced right back onto his feet, and then did the Quackendriver 2 finisher.

Team WTF? d. Team Dr. Keith -- So Colin D. Olsen wasn't going to be there. Of course we found that out just a couple days before the tournament. When Chikarason was drawing names, he first drew Colin Delaney. After the ref ran to the back and checked that he wasn't there, Lenny drew another name: Johnny Cashmere. In a joke that went way over my head (but came to understand later), they checked for him in the men's bathroom. The third name was Retail Dragon and he was their partner. If you want to know what "sad" sounds like, listen to the crowd after that announcement.

The match was extremely entertaining. mc KZ was an excellent addition to Cheech & Cloudy's team. Most of the match focused around Brodie Lee not wanting to team with Retail Dragon, putting off Dragon's attempts at friendship. Also, mc KZ routinely chain-wrestled around one of his opponents to put them into a stance that may or may not have been popularized in the hit movies "Step Up 2 the streets" or "Stomp the Yard." The craziest spot of the match came when Brodie Lee had Cheech and Cloudy in a DVD position. Jimmy Olsen climbed to the top rope and kneeled on them both, but it threw off Brodie's balance and they all went tumbling down. I think most of the weight actually landed on Jimmy Jam's knee, as he was visibly limping around for the rest of the match. Another crazy move earlier in the match saw Jimmy go for that stupid "ally-oop" powerbomb move, only to follow Cloudy over on the move and finish it off with a piledriver.

Team IPW:UK d. The Naptown Dragons -- Holy crap this was different. It felt like a CZW match for the first couple minutes. A brawl started on the outside and Scotty Vortekz hit a moonsault from the top rope to the outside onto everyone about 90 seconds in. They brawled everywhere in a very hard-hitting match that surprisingly saw the Naptown Dragons lose in the ECW Arena.

But you know what? Team IPW:UK were definitely the stars of Night 1. Dan Lowth of said that this team was terrible and he'd eat an inanimate object if Team IPW:UK won this match. What we actually got were the best heels we've seen in Chikara in a while. They spat on fans and yelled directly in their faces. And it's not that they were just yelling, they managed to keep their eyes on the match as well. I think the finish saw Sha Samuels put Drake in a Boston Crab while Terry Frazier had a fishhook crossface locked in on another member of the Naptown Dragons. After the match, Frazier took Destiny's hand and kissed it; I stood up to challenge him but he just walked away.


The Colony d. Las Chivas Rayadas -- I was looking forward to this match but I was somewhat disappointed. The timing of the Chivas seemed off all night, especially in this match. All I really remember is the finish: a Beach Break from the top rope. Fire Ant jumped backwards off the top rope to do the move. It looked insane.

BLK Out d. The Order -- Crossbones and UltraMantis Black came out with sweet metal masks on. It felt great to cheer for the Order because they were definitely treated as the faces in this match. UltraMantis' team managed to stay in this match for a while, but the BLK Out ended up getting the best of them. The Joker Driver that Hydra took to finish the match looked absolutely brutal. I hate when I get burnt out at great wrestling shows because I don't remember good things about matches.

Quack, Storm, and Skayde d. Team WTF? -- This match is what I was referencing earlier about "feeling bad" about something. Quack and Storm were on the outside on different sides of the ring, and Cheech and Cloudy were going to dive onto them from the ring. Cloudy did a corkscrew plancha right in front of me onto Quackenbush. When Quack fell backwards, he hit his eye right a thin pipe on the metal barrier. It started bleeding immediately and a little bubble appeared on his eyelid. Thankfully he was all right, but I felt pretty bad about it. My feet, along with several others', had been pushing it closer and closer all night. Quack shook it off after the match, though, so I did feel a little better.

The Golden Trio d. Team IPW:UK -- Good Lord do I pop for the Chikara Special. Saving the Golden Trio for the main event of Night 1 was a great idea. Delirious called members of the UK team "Tony Blair" to a good laugh. I still can't get over how great of heels that Team IPW:UK were. They would yell, "HUSH HUSH HUSH YOUR GUMS" at us, and it bordered on lame but as still fantastic. We got to yell British terms such as "BANGERS AND MASH." I actually don't know how to follow that up.

And so ended Night 1. Get the DVD because the show really was fantastic. And if you buy this one, you better buy Nights 2 and 3 because who wants to only see 35% of a tournament? The one prevailing thought from the show is that the members of Team IPW:UK can come back whenever they want. The crowd was on them for the entirety of their matches, and they came right back at us without distracting from the match.

Night 2 write-up coming soon!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chikara King of Trios 2008 FINAL PREDICTIONS

Well Chikara went ahead and made everything into blocks. They set up all the first-round matches and even set up all of the potential second-round matches. We can kinda do a bracket, but we don't know who is meeting on the final night. As in, the quarterfinals won't be A vs. B, C vs. D, etc. So here's how my picks are going to be shown:

I have all of my winners from each block picked below. Some of my picks changed because of possible second-round matches. From those eight winners, I picked the 4 teams who would win in the quarterfinal round. From those 4, I picked the two who would be in the finals, and the championship team.

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Some picks I changed and why, as well as other commentary:

Las Chivas d. Team ROH Grads (first round) -- A matchup between the Colony and Las Chivas in the second round would be fantastic.

Kaiju Sea Amigos d. The Order (first round) -- Because Kaiju vs. BLK Out in the second round is too awesome to pass up.

Team WTF? d. QuackSkaydeStorm (second round) -- There are plenty of upsets that can happen but this one wouldn't surprise me.

Golden Trio d. Naptown Dragons (second round) -- I wanted to put the Naptown Dragons into night 3, but I don't think they could beat IncoHelios coming off a bye.

Fabulous Three d. Team WWF (second round) -- Sweeney's gonna pin an old-school hero!

Semifinals: I see F.I.S.T. vs. The Golden Trio as one match-up. F.I.S.T. will try to avenge losing the tag straps AND the Young Lions Cup all in one match. I also see The Colony vs. BLK Out having a strong matchup in the other semi-final match with BLK Out actually avenging their loss from the end of last year. And finally, I see The Golden Trio beating BLK Out in the finals.

Have a great weekend, everyone, ESPECIALLY those going to the ECW Arena! See you there!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Night 2 Picks for King of Trios!

Sorry for the delay! Before I get to my Night 2 picks, there's a bit of news: Colin D. Olsen won't be at King of Trios because he was signed to ECW. What a story, eh? Brodie and Jimmy Jam will need a new partner, but my pick doesn't change: Team WTF? will still win that match-up.

Team IWS vs. Team F1rst -- This should be a fantastic match-up and it will be great to see El Generico in a Chikara ring. It's a shame that one of these teams has to lose in the first round of the tournament. It really seems like Player Uno just can't get a win over the past few months. Additionally, all of the members of Team F1rst have been involved in Chikara tournaments in the past. The North Star Express made it to the semi-finals of the TWGP 2006. Arik Cannon won Young Lions Cup 4 in 2006. Based on that experience alone, I think Team F1rst is a legitimate dark-horse contender to take the whole thing. Pick: Team F1rst

Stranglehold vs. The Fabulous Three -- The only other time I remember Stranglehold teaming together in Chikara was when they lost an ugly match to the Order; I also think that was Donst's first match on a show. This will be an interesting match-up with a good mix of mat wrestling and old-school tactics. Larry Sweeney has barely won a match in the past year in Chikara, but I think his team will win at least one match this year. I don't think Shayne Hawke will mess anything up (at least in the first round) and I'm strongly behind him as a top contender for the Young Lions Cup later this year. Pick: The Fabulous Three

F.I.S.T. vs. Sweet 'n' Sour, Inc. -- Ed O'Mac recently posted on the ChikaraFans message board and said that F.I.S.T. was his pick to win the whole thing. And his reason is solid: they're great in tournaments in Chikara. Both Icarus and Akuma lost in the finals of their respective Young Lions Cup tournaments, and both won their respective Cibernetico matches. And of course, Chuck Taylor won the Rey de Voladores and Young Lions Cup tournaments last year. But hey, we'll get to see Bobby Dempsey in a Chikara ring this weekend. Thumbs up to that at least! Pick: F.I.S.T.

Southern Saints vs. Team Japan -- MIYAWAKI yesyesyesyes. Sorry, Southern Saints, I really can't give you a chance against MIYAWAKI. Team Japan (with Yago in place of SUSUMU) made it to the finals of the King of Trios tournament last year and I could definitely see them making a run like that this year. I don't think the Southern Saints will have the cohesiveness a team in this tournament would need, since two of the three wrestlers on that team have been dropped off due to injuries. Pick: Team Japan

Team Mexico vs. Los Ice Creams & ??? -- I really really really hope Vin Gerard is Los Ice Creams' tag partner. Can you imagine Vin in the ring with FIVE other masked wrestlers? This match has a chance to be one of the best of the first round on night 2. Team Mexico made it to the quarterfinals of last year's tournament and, like Team Japan, you could see them making a similar run this year. Pick: Team Mexico

Da Soul Touchaz VS Team BSE -- I've liked having Super Xtremo in Chikara. His appearances last year at Young Lions Cup and at the Cibernetico were quality matches, even though in one of them he teamed with a cow. His flipkick-hurricanrana move against Kris Chambers was awesome. I don't know a single thing about The Soul Touchers but I don't see them picking up a win here, and I think Super Xtremo will carry Team BSE to a first round win. Pick: Team BSE

All right everyone, I'll have my final set of picks later this week. I'll be listing the four teams that I think will be surviving to Night 3, and who I think will meet in the semi-finals and finals, as well as my pick for tournament champion. Only four more days until King of Trios 2008!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

More King of Trios Thoughts!!

The first round of both nights has been set and the 28th trio has been revealed! Below I'm going to list the first round matches, who I think will win (and why), and who I think will be moving on to the final eight on night 3.

Night 1

The Colony vs. Team El Dorado -- This is a good match to start on because there is one major point I want to get across about making picks: don't let wins hinge totally on bookability. Just because a team was flown in from halfway across the world doesn't mean that they're automatically going to win a first-round match-up. The Colony had an outstanding 2007 and should have a great 2008 going forward. As I've been preaching for a few weeks now, the Colony have an outside shot at winning this whole tournament. This could be their chance to show tons of people in other markets that they are one of the best teams in Chikara and maybe independent wrestling today. Pick: The Colony

Las Chivas Rayadas vs. Team ROH Grads -- Shane Hagadorn can't even win a dodgeball match. Also, the "screw you!" kick to the back of the head is so awkward to me and I really hope he doesn't do it this match. Las Chivas impressed at the Cibernetico and International Invaders night 2 last year, including a win over then-tag champs F.I.S.T. But you know what? Every tournament needs an upset or two. Yes, that's the basis for this choice. Pick: Team ROH Grads

Team Dr. Keith vs. Team WTF? -- The Brodie/Colin/Jimmy team will definitely be shorthanded if Colin's injuries from falling down the stairs last January carry over. And the fact that they can't practice on Tuesday nights given the Olsens' grandmother needing dialysis won't be helping things either. Cheech and Cloudy lost last month in "Two Eyebrows..." but I definitely think they'll bounce back this month with a first-round win with m.c. KZ on their team. Pick: Team WTF?

Kaiju Sea Amigos vs. The Order
-- Dr. Cube has to be there for the tournament now. Evil itself will be redefined if he and UltraMantis Black meet up in any way, shape, or form during or before this match. I can't wait to see Crossbones punch DW Cycloptopuss III's eye really really hard. The Order will pick up another win to add to their January 27th tag team victory. They may almost lose due to a gaffe by Hydra, but UltraMantis and Crossbones will prove to be too formidable even for Hydra's mistake. Pick: The Order

The Naptown Dragons vs. Team IPW:UK
-- Here's another example of some people wanting to pick Team IPW:UK because they were flown in from far away. Who cares! Does anyone see a team with Drake Younger and Scotty Vortekckzksxxz losing in the first round of a tournament in the ECW Arena? I sure don't. In fact, I see Drake's team progressing pretty far into the tournament. Pick: The Naptown Dragons

Team Egypt vs. Quack/Storm/Skayde
-- Skayde!! Skayde!!!! What a fantastic surprise this turned out to be. I actually wanted to give Team Egypt a chance in at least the first round of the tournament. The Osirian Portal have been doing quite well for themselves over the past 5 months, but being teamed with Mecha Mummy doesn't really help their cause. They'll have a bright 2008, but it won't start with a win in the first round. If Quack/Storm/Jigsaw won the tournament last year, anything short of winning the whole thing would be a disappointment for Quack/Storm/Skayde. Great surprise for the final trio, who will put on several good matches over the weekend. Pick: Quack/Storm/Skayde

Still to come: Night 2 first round predictions, and who I think will be left standing on Night 3!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

King of Trios -- Early Thoughts

Hey everyone. We're two weeks away from the King of Trios weekend! Each night's participants have been set, but individual match-ups haven't been made yet. Also, we're still missing one team for Night 1, which will apparently be revealed on the February 18th Podcast-a-Gogo. For now, I'd like to touch on some interesting match-ups that could happen on the first couple of nights, and then touch on some people as to who could be the final team. Remember, these are POSSIBLE matches that may not happen even until a later round.

Night 1

The Colony vs. The BLK Out -- This one is a no-brainer. Their feud was a highlight of the 2007 season with fast-paced, hard-hitting matches. I'm sure that there would be no love lost between these two teams. The Colony ended up winning the blow-off match to this feud, so I'm sure the BLK Out would love a shot at redemption.

BLK Out vs. The Golden Trio -- An Eddie/Hallowicked match-up would be a violent start to 2008. And don't forget, Incoherence scored one of their three tag points against the BLK Out at Aniversario! I wouldn't be surprised to see Eddie and another member of the BLK Out try to get their tag title points to challenge Hallowicked & Delirious for the tag titles. In a blog a few months ago, Eddie actually said that he had two points (although I don't know with who), so maybe he'll get a third this year.

Golden Trio vs. The Order -- I think by now that we all know what UltraMantis Black thinks of Hallowicked. Again, Incoherence got one of their tag points against Hydra and UltraMantis at Cibernetico & Robin. Hydra and Helios had a match at Bruised for the Young Lions Cup. And if the order can beat the Golden Trio with Crossbones helping, it would further any idea of UltraMantis and Crossbones being a better team than UltraMantis and Hydra make.

Brodie Lee/Olsen Twins vs. The Colony -- I point this possible match out only because this match happened twice in about two months last year, both in Reading: on August 17th and October 26th. They seem to have good chemistry with each other. And just for fun, I'm going to mention that Worker Ant got his face kicked off by Brodie Lee at New Star Navigation. It's ALWAYS fun to talk about Brodie kicking people's faces off.

Kaiju Sea Amigos vs. The Order -- If Dr. Cube accompanies Team Kaiju to the ring for a match like this, the world may implode if he and UltraMantis, two of the world's most evil masterminds, had some type of altercation. Personally, anything that gives me a reason to chant "Call-Me-Kevin" (clap clap clapclapclap) is good with me.

Team WTF? vs. Brodie Lee/Olsen Twins -- Named just today, the team of Cheech, Cloudy, and Dragon Gate's m.c. KZ team up to form Team WTF? I mention this match because we all know about the great matches we saw last year when Cheeck & Cloudy were pitted against The Olsen Twins.

All of the participants for Night 1:
The BLK Out -- Eddie Kingston, Sabian, Joker
Dr. Keith Presents -- Brodie Lee, Jimmy & Colin Olsen
The Naptown Dragons -- Drake Younger, Dustin Lee, Scotty Vortezkskxkszkzs
The Order of the Neo Solar Temple -- UltraMantis Black, Hydra, Crossbones
Team El Dorado -- Mototsugu Shimizu, Go, Michael Nakazawa
Team IPW:UK -- Martin Stone, Sha Samuels, Terry Frazier
The Colony -- Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Worker Ant
The ROH Grads -- Shane Hagadorn, SUGARFOOT Alex Payne, Rhett Titus
Kaiju's Sea Amigos -- D.W. Cycloptopuss III, Unibouzo, Call-Me-Kevin
The Golden Trio -- Delirious, Hallowicked, Helios
Las Chivas Rayadas -- Chivas II, III, IV
Team Egypt -- Ophidian, Amasis, Mecha Mummy
Team WTF? -- Cheech, Cloudy, m.c. KZ
(Unknown Team 28)

Night 2

F.I.S.T. vs. Team Mexico -- Surprisingly, these teams never met in tag action. At the Cibernetico, though, Lince & Incognito were on the luchador team against the Kings of Wrestling, partly comprised of F.I.S.T. Additionally, Chuck Taylor defeated Lince in the finals of the Rey de Voladores tournament in April.

F.I.S.T. vs. The Fabulous Three -- This match-up would pit all six ex-Kings of Wrestling member in the tournament against each other. They obviously would never had a chance to face off during 2007, but they would still know each other well after nearly a year of teaming together.

Sweet 'n' Sour, Inc. vs. The Fabulous Three -- This is a possible match that I'm sure many people are looking forward to. Who would Sweeney align himself with: his current strong trio with Mitch and Shayne, or his ROH investments of Sara Del Ray, Tank Toland, and Bobby Dempsey? This would be one of the most interesting match-ups in the entire tournament.

Team Mexico vs. The Fabulous Three -- You know, this may actually be even more anticipated than the match listed previously. To see Lince & Mitch square off again would be fantastic. Five members of this match were a part of the Cibernetico, and don't forget that El Pantera was in Lince's corner at Chapter 11. And El Pantera had to leave the ringside are after a beatdown by...Shayne Hawke and Larry Sweeney. What a match this would be.

The Fabulous Three vs. Team WWF -- Notice how most of these have the Fabulous Three involved? That just goes to show how awesome they are. Of course, there is no history between these two teams, but it would be a fantastic meeting of the 1980's old-school style. Sweeney and Ryder would fit in perfectly against One Man Gang, Ax, and Smash. Sweeney has faced off against other legends before and this match would only add to his already excellent legends-tour collection.

All of the participants for Night 1:
Team WWF -- Demolition Ax, Demolition Smash, One Man Gang
Sweet n' Sour, Inc. -- Tank Toland, Bobby Dempsey, Sara Del Rey
F.I.S.T. -- Gran Akuma, Chuck Taylor, Icarus
The Fabulous Three -- Mitch Ryder, Larry Sweeney, Shayne Hawke
Ice Cream, Jr., El Hijo del Ice Cream, ???
Team IWS -- El Generico, Player Uno, Stupefied
Team BSE -- Kobra Kai, Super Xtremo, La Sombra
Team AZW -- AkuA, The Immortals
Team F1rst Wrestling -- Arik Cannon, Darin Corbin, Ryan Cruz
The Soul Touchaz -- Acid Jaz, Willie Richardson, Marshe Rockett (w/ C-Red)
The Southern Saints -- Shawn Reed, Marcus O'Neil, Chris Styles
Team Mexico -- Lince Dorado, El Pantera, Incognito
Stranglehold -- Tim Donst, Drew Gulak, Andy Sumner

As I said, 27 of the 28 teams are listed. Here are some omissions as to who the final team could fill out with:
Shane Storm
Mike Quackenbush
Vin Gerard
The Iron Saints (Thomasellis)
There's a tiny rumor going around that Skayde may come back for at least the weekend, which could prompt a Quack/Shane/Skayde team. Vin Gerard could be slotted with Los Ice Creams, which would give Vin two masked wrestlers as teammates. I would love to see the Iron Saints come back, but I feel that they would be a slightly anticlimactic team to list as number 28. Either way, MIYAWAKI better head-butt someone into oblivion this year.

That's all for now. My next post will probably be next weekend with some predictions. If the first-round match-ups are posted, I may post my thoughts on those. Additionally, I'll post the four teams from each night that I think will be wrestling on Night 3. Until then, have a great week!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Top 10 Chikara Moments of 2007

Welcome back everyone! I know we're all getting pretty amped for King of Trios weekend, coming up in just THREE short weeks, but until them we have to live with a lot of anxiety and neediness until then. When are we getting to the fireworks factory?? :::sobs::: So until then, I'm going to try my hardest to keep you relaxed and happy, and I might just throw a few YouTube clips in there to keep you blankly staring at your screen for a few moments more. I'm going to continually update this post instead of making several posts so that you can scroll down from 10 to 1 in a dramatic fashion.

Additionally, please remember that these are my top 10 moments from the past year. They may differ from your top 10, and that's fine, give me some feedback on that. Some choices were made based on wrestling, and some were based on pure entertainment. We're going to start the list with a few honorable mentions that didn't quite make the cut, in no particular order.

  • Robbie Ellis defeats the Hydra with a Burning Hammer -- Chapter 11 -- November 18, 2007 -- Philadelphia, PA
  • Hydra is apparently against going to rehab -- New Star Navigation -- October 26, 2007 -- Barnesville, PA -- Video:
  • The Destruction of the Barnesville Thunderdome -- New Star Navigation -- October 26, 2007 -- Barnesville, PA -- Video: (4:00)
  • Tecnicos come out to party with food after the Connecticut Show -- Showdown in Crisisland -- July 21, 2007 -- Wallingford, CT
  • La Parkita dances his way into our hearts -- Maximum Overdraft -- August 5, 2007 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Video:
  • Claudio powerbombs Mike Quackenbush into the ring -- Time Will Prove Everything -- March 24, 2007 -- Hellertown, PA
  • Equinox loses his mask; Vin Gerard is born -- The Sordid Perils of Everyday Existence -- November 17, 2007 -- Hellertown, PA

10. "You're the most beautiful man I ever saw" -- Young Lions Cup V, Night 1 -- June 22, 2007 -- Reading, PA -- 6-way Main Event
I'm going to have to admit a bias for this pick: Shayne Hawke was one of my favorite mainstays in Chikara in 2007. His TTP/Shannattack corner move is one of my favorite moves and I'm sad that it can't be recreated in Fire Pro R. What I like most about him, though, is his unlimited charasma. His match against Quackenbush had an incredibly funny opening sequence. His reactions to Mitch Ryder accepting him into the Kings of Wrestling (ie, beating down Lince Dorado faster) was hilarious. When he met Darrin Corbin, though, at YLCVn1 in the six-way main event, we saw a very touching moment between the two redheads.
Video: needed

9. Donst Dies For Our Sins -- International Invaders Weekend, Night 2 -- August 18, 2007 -- Hellertown, PA -- Tim Donst vs. Brodie Lee
Tim Donst's rookie year was one for the ages. His record wasn't one of the best, winning few singles encounters, but became well known for the beatings he would take. When he faced veteran Eddie Kingston in Wallingford, CT, Donst was destroyed from start to finish but refused to give up the entire match. A sick clothesline on the outside of the ring didn't keep him down. He would go on to face Eddie again in November to try to exact his revenge, but what helped build him even more was his match against Brodie Lee in August. At International Invaders night 2, we would see Donst get murdalized by Brodie even before the bell rang, with a huge boot to the face over Bryce Rembsurg's back.

8. The Day Kayfabe Died -- Young Lions Cup V, Night 3 -- June 24, 2007 -- Hellertown, PA -- The Olsen Twins vs. The North Star Express
I wasn't a witness; I was an accomplice. Not only did they pull off the slow motion to perfection, not only did the fans finish it off with the perfect chant, but I'm still not sure whether Larry Sweeney on commentary had any idea as to what was going on or not. Colin Delaney indeed.

7. "It looks that ham??" -- Rey de Voladores -- April 22, 2007 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Team F.I.S.T. vs. Cheech & Cloudy
I remember during the entrances for the first or second match, Bryce was saying how hot it was in the ring. Watching the DVD, you hear the announcers (Quack, Bryce, and Larry) saying how hot it was under the lights all day. And then poor Cloudy decides to eat a couple hot dogs before the tag title main event and pretty much gets them kicked right back out of him. It happened right in front of me and was pretty disgusting. The best part, though, is Quack on commentary:
Cloudy: (hurls)
Quack: I don't know what I just saw there, but I'd like to never see it again.
Akuma: (kicks)
Cloudy: (hurls again)

6. Headbutt Heard 'Round YouTube -- King of Trios 2007, Night 1 -- February 16, 2007 -- Hellertown, PA -- The Iron Saints vs. Team K-Dojo
If I made a top ten list of "Sickest Headbutts in Chikara history," this would be numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8. It wasn't just the headbutt that made it awesome, but listen to the crowd and the commentary: EVERYONE goes silent for just a second, and then EVERYONE explodes a beat after that sickening thud. I'm excited that MIYAWAKI will be back for this year's King of Trios, as he's always a welcome addition to any Chikara show.

5. Tecnicos vs. Rudos Explosion! -- Chapter 11 -- November 18, 2007 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Lince Dorado vs. Mitch Ryder
The Lince Dorado/Mitch Ryder match at Chapter 11 was a good end to an excellent story with a very unfortunate finish. Before the 450 senton, though, I witnessed one of the most chill-inducing moments in my personal history as a wrestling fan. Sweeney and Hawke had chased off El Pantera, who was in Lince Dorado's corner, and were soon outnumbering Lince. Quackenbush and a few other luchadores came out to even the odds, only for the rest of the Kings of Wrestling to come out and bring favor back to Mitch's side. Then, more luchadores poured out of the locker room to support Lince, pushing him to win the best match of his young career. The crowd was all over it, definitely pushing it to a higher level.
Video: needed

4. Chikara > ROH; Fans Fail to Connect on High Fives -- Maximum Overdraft -- August 5, 2007 Philadelphia, PA -- F.I.S.T. vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe
During a stretch in the middle of the year,Gran Akuma and Icarus were having trouble winning at several shows, losing in tag and trios matches at the last three. They desperately needed a win to gain some momentum for their tag title defense coming up against Los Ice Creams on August 17th. And then Icarus got his ass kicked for 15-plus minutes by the Briscoes, pulled out a real nice reverse hurricanrana, and Akuma got a roll-up for the three-count. Fans gained a ton of respect of Icarus after this showing; the match gave Chikara some more legitimacy among indy feds. And then Dave and Smurf missed a high five.
Video: needed

3. Chris Hero's Kryptonite -- Aniversario? -- May 26, 2007 -- Hellertown, PA -- Chris Hero vs. Mike Quackenbush
This match had a long time coming. Ever since Hero had turned on his partner at the Tag World Grand Prix 2005 finals in Pittston to form the original Kings of Wrestling faction, Quackenbush wanted to get his hands on his co-trainer. They met in the ring a few times in tag, trios, and atomicos matches over the next two years, but never in a singles match, as Hero refused to have a one-on-one match against Quack. As a part of Eddie Kingston's team in the Torneo Cibernetico in 2006, Quackenbush eliminated Hero with a crossface submission. In April 2007, Quackenbush refereed a Hero/Claudio match, where it was decided afterward that they would have their confrontation in Hellertown at "Aniversario?". Their match, arguably one of the top matches of 2007, ended with Mike Quackenbush locking Hero into a brand new submission move: the Chikara Special. Tecnicos would use this maneuver to defeat Chris Hero over the next few months, such as Lince Dorado, El Pantera, and, most surprisingly, Equinox in August.
Video: (starts at 4:15)

2. "Get In The Ring, Americool!" -- Bruised -- October 26, 2007 -- Reading, PA -- F.I.S.T. vs. Incoherence
We all thought Cheech & Cloudy were going to make F.I.S.T. short-term champions -- didn't happen. Then we thought that Los Ice Creams would definitely take the titles off of their waists -- again, didn't happen. So when Delirious and Hallowicked had their tag title match at Bruised, it was all in the back of our minds that F.I.S.T. would prevail again. With Gran Akuma injured, though, Icarus had to defend the titles with an unfamiliar partner in Chuck Taylor. This proved to be their downfall, as new tag champions were crowned after Akuma accidentally hit his partner with a crutch. After the match, Delirious and Hallowicked celebrated with the fans, inviting children into the ring to reign victorious with them. It was a memorable visual that fully captures what Chikara is all about.

1. Claudio Vanquishes the Kings of Wrestling -- Cibernetico & Robin -- September 22, 2007 -- Philadelphia, PA -- El Torneo Cibernetico
Do you know what the best part of this really was? Mitch Ryder's roll up after Claudio had eliminated Chris Hero. All of us came up with our own desired finish to the match: Hero and Claudio are the two remaining people in the match and then they finally settle their differences. When we saw three people from the same team remaining, I'm pretty sure many of us thought that Mitch Ryder was going to be eliminated next. To our surprise, Claudio locks the Chikara Special on Hero, making him tap out. While Claudio is still yelling at Hero over the top rope, Mitch Ryder comes in and rolls up Castagnoli up. EVERYONE in my section yelled "NO!!!" the second we realized he might get a cheap win. Luckily Claudio kicked out and got the pin with the Ricola Bomb. This kicked off a Kings-of-Wrestling-destruction tour, ending in December where he finally defeated Chris Hero one-on-one.