Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chikara King of Trios 2008 FINAL PREDICTIONS

Well Chikara went ahead and made everything into blocks. They set up all the first-round matches and even set up all of the potential second-round matches. We can kinda do a bracket, but we don't know who is meeting on the final night. As in, the quarterfinals won't be A vs. B, C vs. D, etc. So here's how my picks are going to be shown:

I have all of my winners from each block picked below. Some of my picks changed because of possible second-round matches. From those eight winners, I picked the 4 teams who would win in the quarterfinal round. From those 4, I picked the two who would be in the finals, and the championship team.

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Some picks I changed and why, as well as other commentary:

Las Chivas d. Team ROH Grads (first round) -- A matchup between the Colony and Las Chivas in the second round would be fantastic.

Kaiju Sea Amigos d. The Order (first round) -- Because Kaiju vs. BLK Out in the second round is too awesome to pass up.

Team WTF? d. QuackSkaydeStorm (second round) -- There are plenty of upsets that can happen but this one wouldn't surprise me.

Golden Trio d. Naptown Dragons (second round) -- I wanted to put the Naptown Dragons into night 3, but I don't think they could beat IncoHelios coming off a bye.

Fabulous Three d. Team WWF (second round) -- Sweeney's gonna pin an old-school hero!

Semifinals: I see F.I.S.T. vs. The Golden Trio as one match-up. F.I.S.T. will try to avenge losing the tag straps AND the Young Lions Cup all in one match. I also see The Colony vs. BLK Out having a strong matchup in the other semi-final match with BLK Out actually avenging their loss from the end of last year. And finally, I see The Golden Trio beating BLK Out in the finals.

Have a great weekend, everyone, ESPECIALLY those going to the ECW Arena! See you there!

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