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King of Trios -- Early Thoughts

Hey everyone. We're two weeks away from the King of Trios weekend! Each night's participants have been set, but individual match-ups haven't been made yet. Also, we're still missing one team for Night 1, which will apparently be revealed on the February 18th Podcast-a-Gogo. For now, I'd like to touch on some interesting match-ups that could happen on the first couple of nights, and then touch on some people as to who could be the final team. Remember, these are POSSIBLE matches that may not happen even until a later round.

Night 1

The Colony vs. The BLK Out -- This one is a no-brainer. Their feud was a highlight of the 2007 season with fast-paced, hard-hitting matches. I'm sure that there would be no love lost between these two teams. The Colony ended up winning the blow-off match to this feud, so I'm sure the BLK Out would love a shot at redemption.

BLK Out vs. The Golden Trio -- An Eddie/Hallowicked match-up would be a violent start to 2008. And don't forget, Incoherence scored one of their three tag points against the BLK Out at Aniversario! I wouldn't be surprised to see Eddie and another member of the BLK Out try to get their tag title points to challenge Hallowicked & Delirious for the tag titles. In a blog a few months ago, Eddie actually said that he had two points (although I don't know with who), so maybe he'll get a third this year.

Golden Trio vs. The Order -- I think by now that we all know what UltraMantis Black thinks of Hallowicked. Again, Incoherence got one of their tag points against Hydra and UltraMantis at Cibernetico & Robin. Hydra and Helios had a match at Bruised for the Young Lions Cup. And if the order can beat the Golden Trio with Crossbones helping, it would further any idea of UltraMantis and Crossbones being a better team than UltraMantis and Hydra make.

Brodie Lee/Olsen Twins vs. The Colony -- I point this possible match out only because this match happened twice in about two months last year, both in Reading: on August 17th and October 26th. They seem to have good chemistry with each other. And just for fun, I'm going to mention that Worker Ant got his face kicked off by Brodie Lee at New Star Navigation. It's ALWAYS fun to talk about Brodie kicking people's faces off.

Kaiju Sea Amigos vs. The Order -- If Dr. Cube accompanies Team Kaiju to the ring for a match like this, the world may implode if he and UltraMantis, two of the world's most evil masterminds, had some type of altercation. Personally, anything that gives me a reason to chant "Call-Me-Kevin" (clap clap clapclapclap) is good with me.

Team WTF? vs. Brodie Lee/Olsen Twins -- Named just today, the team of Cheech, Cloudy, and Dragon Gate's m.c. KZ team up to form Team WTF? I mention this match because we all know about the great matches we saw last year when Cheeck & Cloudy were pitted against The Olsen Twins.

All of the participants for Night 1:
The BLK Out -- Eddie Kingston, Sabian, Joker
Dr. Keith Presents -- Brodie Lee, Jimmy & Colin Olsen
The Naptown Dragons -- Drake Younger, Dustin Lee, Scotty Vortezkskxkszkzs
The Order of the Neo Solar Temple -- UltraMantis Black, Hydra, Crossbones
Team El Dorado -- Mototsugu Shimizu, Go, Michael Nakazawa
Team IPW:UK -- Martin Stone, Sha Samuels, Terry Frazier
The Colony -- Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Worker Ant
The ROH Grads -- Shane Hagadorn, SUGARFOOT Alex Payne, Rhett Titus
Kaiju's Sea Amigos -- D.W. Cycloptopuss III, Unibouzo, Call-Me-Kevin
The Golden Trio -- Delirious, Hallowicked, Helios
Las Chivas Rayadas -- Chivas II, III, IV
Team Egypt -- Ophidian, Amasis, Mecha Mummy
Team WTF? -- Cheech, Cloudy, m.c. KZ
(Unknown Team 28)

Night 2

F.I.S.T. vs. Team Mexico -- Surprisingly, these teams never met in tag action. At the Cibernetico, though, Lince & Incognito were on the luchador team against the Kings of Wrestling, partly comprised of F.I.S.T. Additionally, Chuck Taylor defeated Lince in the finals of the Rey de Voladores tournament in April.

F.I.S.T. vs. The Fabulous Three -- This match-up would pit all six ex-Kings of Wrestling member in the tournament against each other. They obviously would never had a chance to face off during 2007, but they would still know each other well after nearly a year of teaming together.

Sweet 'n' Sour, Inc. vs. The Fabulous Three -- This is a possible match that I'm sure many people are looking forward to. Who would Sweeney align himself with: his current strong trio with Mitch and Shayne, or his ROH investments of Sara Del Ray, Tank Toland, and Bobby Dempsey? This would be one of the most interesting match-ups in the entire tournament.

Team Mexico vs. The Fabulous Three -- You know, this may actually be even more anticipated than the match listed previously. To see Lince & Mitch square off again would be fantastic. Five members of this match were a part of the Cibernetico, and don't forget that El Pantera was in Lince's corner at Chapter 11. And El Pantera had to leave the ringside are after a beatdown by...Shayne Hawke and Larry Sweeney. What a match this would be.

The Fabulous Three vs. Team WWF -- Notice how most of these have the Fabulous Three involved? That just goes to show how awesome they are. Of course, there is no history between these two teams, but it would be a fantastic meeting of the 1980's old-school style. Sweeney and Ryder would fit in perfectly against One Man Gang, Ax, and Smash. Sweeney has faced off against other legends before and this match would only add to his already excellent legends-tour collection.

All of the participants for Night 1:
Team WWF -- Demolition Ax, Demolition Smash, One Man Gang
Sweet n' Sour, Inc. -- Tank Toland, Bobby Dempsey, Sara Del Rey
F.I.S.T. -- Gran Akuma, Chuck Taylor, Icarus
The Fabulous Three -- Mitch Ryder, Larry Sweeney, Shayne Hawke
Ice Cream, Jr., El Hijo del Ice Cream, ???
Team IWS -- El Generico, Player Uno, Stupefied
Team BSE -- Kobra Kai, Super Xtremo, La Sombra
Team AZW -- AkuA, The Immortals
Team F1rst Wrestling -- Arik Cannon, Darin Corbin, Ryan Cruz
The Soul Touchaz -- Acid Jaz, Willie Richardson, Marshe Rockett (w/ C-Red)
The Southern Saints -- Shawn Reed, Marcus O'Neil, Chris Styles
Team Mexico -- Lince Dorado, El Pantera, Incognito
Stranglehold -- Tim Donst, Drew Gulak, Andy Sumner

As I said, 27 of the 28 teams are listed. Here are some omissions as to who the final team could fill out with:
Shane Storm
Mike Quackenbush
Vin Gerard
The Iron Saints (Thomasellis)
There's a tiny rumor going around that Skayde may come back for at least the weekend, which could prompt a Quack/Shane/Skayde team. Vin Gerard could be slotted with Los Ice Creams, which would give Vin two masked wrestlers as teammates. I would love to see the Iron Saints come back, but I feel that they would be a slightly anticlimactic team to list as number 28. Either way, MIYAWAKI better head-butt someone into oblivion this year.

That's all for now. My next post will probably be next weekend with some predictions. If the first-round match-ups are posted, I may post my thoughts on those. Additionally, I'll post the four teams from each night that I think will be wrestling on Night 3. Until then, have a great week!

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