Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Night 2 Picks for King of Trios!

Sorry for the delay! Before I get to my Night 2 picks, there's a bit of news: Colin D. Olsen won't be at King of Trios because he was signed to ECW. What a story, eh? Brodie and Jimmy Jam will need a new partner, but my pick doesn't change: Team WTF? will still win that match-up.

Team IWS vs. Team F1rst -- This should be a fantastic match-up and it will be great to see El Generico in a Chikara ring. It's a shame that one of these teams has to lose in the first round of the tournament. It really seems like Player Uno just can't get a win over the past few months. Additionally, all of the members of Team F1rst have been involved in Chikara tournaments in the past. The North Star Express made it to the semi-finals of the TWGP 2006. Arik Cannon won Young Lions Cup 4 in 2006. Based on that experience alone, I think Team F1rst is a legitimate dark-horse contender to take the whole thing. Pick: Team F1rst

Stranglehold vs. The Fabulous Three -- The only other time I remember Stranglehold teaming together in Chikara was when they lost an ugly match to the Order; I also think that was Donst's first match on a show. This will be an interesting match-up with a good mix of mat wrestling and old-school tactics. Larry Sweeney has barely won a match in the past year in Chikara, but I think his team will win at least one match this year. I don't think Shayne Hawke will mess anything up (at least in the first round) and I'm strongly behind him as a top contender for the Young Lions Cup later this year. Pick: The Fabulous Three

F.I.S.T. vs. Sweet 'n' Sour, Inc. -- Ed O'Mac recently posted on the ChikaraFans message board and said that F.I.S.T. was his pick to win the whole thing. And his reason is solid: they're great in tournaments in Chikara. Both Icarus and Akuma lost in the finals of their respective Young Lions Cup tournaments, and both won their respective Cibernetico matches. And of course, Chuck Taylor won the Rey de Voladores and Young Lions Cup tournaments last year. But hey, we'll get to see Bobby Dempsey in a Chikara ring this weekend. Thumbs up to that at least! Pick: F.I.S.T.

Southern Saints vs. Team Japan -- MIYAWAKI yesyesyesyes. Sorry, Southern Saints, I really can't give you a chance against MIYAWAKI. Team Japan (with Yago in place of SUSUMU) made it to the finals of the King of Trios tournament last year and I could definitely see them making a run like that this year. I don't think the Southern Saints will have the cohesiveness a team in this tournament would need, since two of the three wrestlers on that team have been dropped off due to injuries. Pick: Team Japan

Team Mexico vs. Los Ice Creams & ??? -- I really really really hope Vin Gerard is Los Ice Creams' tag partner. Can you imagine Vin in the ring with FIVE other masked wrestlers? This match has a chance to be one of the best of the first round on night 2. Team Mexico made it to the quarterfinals of last year's tournament and, like Team Japan, you could see them making a similar run this year. Pick: Team Mexico

Da Soul Touchaz VS Team BSE -- I've liked having Super Xtremo in Chikara. His appearances last year at Young Lions Cup and at the Cibernetico were quality matches, even though in one of them he teamed with a cow. His flipkick-hurricanrana move against Kris Chambers was awesome. I don't know a single thing about The Soul Touchers but I don't see them picking up a win here, and I think Super Xtremo will carry Team BSE to a first round win. Pick: Team BSE

All right everyone, I'll have my final set of picks later this week. I'll be listing the four teams that I think will be surviving to Night 3, and who I think will meet in the semi-finals and finals, as well as my pick for tournament champion. Only four more days until King of Trios 2008!

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