Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More updates for the May shows!

I have some quick hits and then a few video links today. Next week I may not make a post because Destiny won't have school, but we'll see I guess. Some matches have been added to the "Cafe Culture" and "Grit and Glory" cards, as well as the New England Aniversario cards. Today I'll just be talking about the additions to the shows on the 17th and 18th.

Cafe Culture -- May 17, 2008 -- Hellertown, PA

Rey de Voladores Match #1 -- Helios vs. Lince Dorado vs. PSYCHO vs. TJ Cannon
I don't know much about the additions to this match. PSYCHO comes to us from TAKA Michinoku's K-Dojo in Japan, so he should be a good participant in the match. TJ Cannon wrestles primarily in PWU. All I know is that their promotion has matches using ropes to swing on and trampolines to vault off of, so I don't have much to say just based on that.

Rey de Voladores Match #2 -- Stupefied vs. Incognito vs. Turboman vs. ?
I don't know too much about Turboman, either. He's from Dragon Gate. One of the videos at the end of this post features what may be one of the funniest moonsaults in wrestling history. We better be careful in Hellertown.

Claudio Castagnoli vs Jorge Rivera
Well that's a pleasant surprise! It's such a treat to get to see Claudio this up-close-and-personal in Chikara while he's doing so well in other feds like ROH and PWG. Skayde had a fantastic weekend at King of Trios and will hopefully still be on top of his game for Rey de Voladores weekend. This could be the match of the weekend.

Hallowicked vs. Amasis
We'll get a small preview of the tag title match that will take place on Sunday. I think that this will be Hallowicked's first singles match since Chapter 11, and the second straight show with a singles match from Amasis. I'm extremely excited to see where the Portal can go this year. Ophidian and Delirious don't have matches on Saturday, so maybe they will have a match to round out the rest of the card.

Grit and Glory -- May 18, 2008 -- Philadelphia, PA

Claudio, El Pantera & ? vs. Mike Quackenbush, Jorge Rivera & ?
This match gained two participants that squared off for a few minutes at King of Trios in El Pantera and Jorge Rivera. For the second straight night, Jorge and Claudio will be in opposite corners. We may see Lince Dorado and Shane Storm fill out the rest of the teams, but I'm hoping that we get some new partners to create some new match-ups this year.

Here are some YouTube videos to finish off today's post.

1. I don't care if I posted this before, I want to be famous still. Go to 2:47 to watch an interview with me!

2. Destiny has been afraid of snakes for as long as I've known her. To say that she's not a huge fan of Ophidian is an understatement. And then this happened. Yes, she was crying.

3. I posted earlier that Turboman did one of the funniest moonsaults in wrestling history. And like I said, we better be careful in Hellertown.

Have a great week!

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