Friday, November 16, 2007

"Chapter 11" -- Sunday, November 18th -- Philadelphia, PA

Los Ice Creams & Tim Donst VS FIST -- As many of you know, Destiny goes to these Chikara shows with me. She's not really a wrestling fan like you or me, but she does enjoy and appreciate the shows. I know she has fun at them. The other day, I was talking to her about this match, and she goes, "Oh, that's cool. Donst beat Icarus last month and Los Ice Creams had that tag title match a few months back." I was astounded that she was paying that much attention over the past few months! I now expect her to remember who won the Crossbones/Create-A-Wrestler match from March 24th.

By now, Donst will have been beaten up for two straight nights. FIST will have been responsible for at least of said beating. But you know what? I see Donst actually picking up the pinfall in this match. He's going to be a huge part of Chikara in 2008, and this will put him out on quite a high note in 2007. Bryce pretty much voted him as Rookie of the Year in his blog, and most of us would be hard-pressed to disagree. I think the only people who don't know about Donst's awesomeness by now are the CZW Fans at the ECW Arena...and the less said about them, the better.

Robbie Ellis VS The Hydra -- This will be a technical marvel, a match for the ages. Don't forget, Ellis has already tapped out to the Hydraulic before! If he can sinch it in, Robbie Ellis will have to tap, albeit fighting all the way! The ending will see Robbie Ellis go for a Black Tornado Slam, but the Hydra will reverse it into a crucifix pin of his own.

The Colony VS Shane Storm & SSB -- I wish it was Super Smash Brothers & Helios tagging in this match, with Shane Storm in the next match listed, but I'll get to that in the next paragraph. The other day, I watched the Colony's first match from TWPG 2006, and it wasn't very good. To see where they've come to today is astounding. They always wrestle well in tags and trios and this shouldn't be an exception. I'm excited to see SSB again -- as Player Uno is solid, although I haven't seen Stupefied wrestle yet. I see The Colony winning this match, with Shane Storm taking the pinfall to end this below-average 2007 for him.

Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Helios VS The Osirian Portal & Shayne Hawke -- This match's name is "QuackenJigLios Vs Hawke Like an Egyptian." I still believe Shane Storm should have been put into this match instead of Helios. It would have given Shane Storm a good ending to the year, win or lose, because at least he'd be teaming with the King of Trios champions from earlier this year. This further proves what I said a few days ago, that Storm couldn't use an tournament like that to vault into the spotlight this year. This will probably come down to Shayne Hawke and Helios in the end, leading to a chase for the Young Lion's Cup by Hawke in 2008. I don't believe he'll win it, though, as I pick Hawke to win the Cup in the tournament next year. And that's why I, again, pick Shayne Hawke to pick up the pinfall for his team in this match -- it will give him a solid argument for a shot at the Cup next February or March.

Larry Sweeney (c) VS Bryan Alvarez, ICW-ICWA Tex-Arkana TV Title Match -- If you haven't gotten to see the promos and the match between Sweeney and Alvarez from March of this year, I suggest that you do. Sweeney's promos are incredible, and the match is very well put together. I love the final pinning sequence -- it just makes so much sense. When I watched this on Sweeney's "Legends Tour" DVD, I was so surprised at this match. I believe that most people on Philadelphia won't have seen it, so I think they'll be surprised at this match as well. Maybe the closing sequence will have the same ending as well, because I don't see Alvarez winning the title. And if Alvarez DOES win the match, it will be because Sweeney had his foot under the ropes, calling for the match to continue, with Sweeney ultimately winning.

Delirious, Cheech, and Cloudy VS El Pantera, Passion Hasegawa, and MIYAWAKI -- I originally typed "Tres Deliriosos" for Delirious's team, but I realized that we don't know what's going to happen on Saturday night in Hellertown. There could be a major falling out between two friendly teams over the titles, and they may not want to even tag together the next day. Or maybe, the opposite will happen, as the match will make the teams become closer, creating a more cohesive unit for the Philadelphia trios match. It's hard to know what to expect out of the Pantera/Hasegawa/MIYAWAKI team, and their lack of experience as a team will probably be their undoing. My pick, as long as they stay friendly, is Tres Deliriosos.

Lince Dorado VS Mitch Ryder, Mask VS Hair Match

Some think it's too soon, but I'm picking Lince to lose his mask. He's beaten Mitch twice this year, and I don't think he'll be able to beat him a third time. Mitch is one of the best at using underhanded tactics, and he's going to use every single one to defeat Lince on Sunday.

Hallowicked VS Eddie Kingston - Falls Count Anywhere

Falls count anywhere favors Kingston in this match. I hope they stay in the arena, though, because I don't know how the cameraman would do following the fight into the ECW Arena parking lot. This is a difficult pick. I want to go with Kingston, as he's really been the central part of the feud. He's the one who is bringing up comments on commentary, calling out Hallowicked during matches, and more. That's the way I'm going to pick: Kingston over Hallowicked. 'Wicked is going to put up a very big fight, though, maybe even gaining Kingston's respect by the end of the night.

Claudio VS Hero

As the video shows, this has been a wonderful story. Just watching the TWGP with Hero getting the falls, it's almost as if they were setting up for this match almost two years ago. I'm going to have to go with my Wrestlemania-main-event heart here: Claudio wins to cap off a great year.

All right, now I don't have to do another one of these again for three months. I am secretly (well, not-so-secretly now) hoping that the 2008 tournament will be a singles tournament for a singles title. There are several pros and cons for this, and they are all points that I plan on tackling over the vacation in this blog. And even if it's not a singles tournament, another King of Trios tournament would be great. Have a wonderful time at the shows this weekend, and I'll see you there!

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